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Dune’s Kyle MacLachlan to Join Fallout Series Cast

Kyle MacLachlan

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Amazon’s upcoming Fallout series will be adding some sci-fi royalty to its ranks as Kyle MacLachlan has been announced to join the show’s cast.

MacLachlan played Paul Atreides in the original David Lynch Dune from 1984. It was his first job as an actor and he’s since gone on to star in everything from Twin Peaks and Sex and the City to Portlandia and How I Met Your Mother. The prolific actor’s role in fallout is not yet named, but we’re sure he’ll add some serious acting cred to the project.

In addition to MacLachlan, Xelia Mendes-Jones (Wheel of Time, Havoc) and Aaron Moten (Disjointed, Father Stu) have also been announced as cast members.

The three will be joining Walton Goggins (Justified) and Ella Purnell (Yellowjackets) in the series based on the best-selling game franchise that’s currently looking forward to a fifth installment from developer Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks.

While details on Amazon’s Fallout series are sparse, we do know that Goggins will be playing a ghoul, and speculation centers on that ghoul being the main protagonist. Our very own Tina has also written her own ideas of what she thinks the series will entail as we get closer to the projected filming start later this year.

Amazon has had some solid hits this year (and also misses) so we’re optimistic about what can be done with this Fallout series. As a lifelong fan of the franchise, I look forward to seeing what Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy can bring to the table with a little help from Bethesda’s own Todd Howard.

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