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Is AMC’s Moonhaven Series Post-Apocalyptic?


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While Moonhaven has been greenlit and announced by AMC for over a year now, the ambitious new sci-fi adventure series recently caught our attention because of its proximity to apocalyptic sci-fi. So I thought I’d dive a little deeper and see if it is, in fact, post-apocalyptic.

The story focuses on a lunar Garden-of-Eden utopian community 100 years from now that was established to escape an Earth that is crumbling away. A cargo pilot and smuggler named Bella Sway has been marooned on Moonhaven for a crime she didn’t commit and it’s up to her to uncover the dark secrets of the colony and save the world.

From that plot and the recently released trailer, the show seems more dystopian and apocalyptic than post-apocalyptic. There’s no major society-ending event and our hero’s journey is to prevent a catastrophe, not learn to survive after one has already happened.

Still, the premise looks good enough to keep my interest and the show’s cast of characters is intriguing. Dominic Monaghan (Merry on Lord of the Rings and Charlie on Lost) has been part of the bill since near the show’s announcement and Joe Manganiello (Justice League, True Blood) will play a major role as well. Bella Sway herself will be played by relative newcomer Emma McDonald and we even have Kadeem Hardison (Dwayne Wayne, for all you A Different World fans) in the mix as Arlo.

So, no, Moonhaven doesn’t appear to be post-apocalyptic, but it does appear to have some major dystopian cred and the shots of Earth on its last legs looks to at least have that post-apocalyptic aesthetic. So there’s that!

Moonhaven will premier on AMC+ on July 7, 2022.

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