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Who Died on The Walking Dead Finale? A Spoiler-Filled Complete List

Who died on TWD Finale? Find out here. (AMC)

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The Walking Dead series finale was bittersweet. The episode was phenomenal, but saying goodbye to this show that’s been such a big part of our lives is going to be hard. (Even if there are spinoffs planned!) The episode was beautifully performed, but those deaths hit hard. Here’s a look back at all the major characters who died, and whether or not Dog made it out OK. 

WARNING: This post will have major spoilers for the finale of The Walking Dead. 

Here Are the 3 Main Deaths from the Finale

There were three main deaths in the finale. 

1. Jules Died

The first death was Jules. Fans were relieved when she and Luke returned in Episode 22, but that relief was short-lived. 

She was the first official character to die, and her death was quick and painful. She was killed by the zombie horde. 

2. Luke Died

Luke (AMC)
Luke (AMC)

Luke’s death was really hard for fans. He was bitten by the zombie horde too, but we were given a chance to think that maybe he’d make it when we saw him in the hospital. 

He lost too much blood though, and it wasn’t meant to be. His death was incredibly tough to watch, as his friends cried at his bedside while he slowly died. The actors who were in that scene were phenomenal. This might be one of the toughest death scenes in the show, based mostly on how they mourned his last breaths. 

3. Rosita Died

I cried during Rosita’s death scene, did you? 

Her death was the toughest. They let us believe that she made a heroic escape from the zombies with her baby Coco. But Eugene was quick to realize something was wrong, and she revealed that she had actually been bitten during her escape. 

For a time she hides it from everyone, so they can have some moments of happiness. Then she finally reveals to Gabriel what happened, and everyone else. 

The acting in these scenes is so commendable. Rosita’s single tears as she processes that she won’t be around are profound. I was heartbroken about her death. 

These were the three main deaths of the episode. 

Who Lived? What About Dog?

What about Dog? And many of the other cast that we loved? They lived. 

Dog Lived

We got to see Dog in one of the last scenes, when they showed Judith feeding him from the table. So Dog lived! I’m not sure where he was during the battle, but he’s just fine as the series ends. He simply isn’t hanging out with Daryl on his new adventures, but is staying at home with the kids. 

Judith Lived

Judith may have been shot in the penultimate episode, but she lived in the finale, thanks to a blood donation from Daryl.  She’s alive and well as the series ends. 

Pamela Lived

Pamela wanted to kill herself, but Maggie wouldn’t let her. Instead, they locked her up in prison. We aren’t shown Pamela again after the time jump, but I think we’re supposed to assume that she’s still in jail. 

Heath’s Fate Was Already Revealed

I know some people are still wondering about Heath. His fate was actually already revealed in an earlier episode. We explain it in our story here.

What About Georgie? 

I’m still bothered that Maggie’s friend Georgie is MIA. Here’s the latest we heard about her.

Rick and Michonne Are Still Out There

I loved the buildup to the Rick and Michonne spinoff. They’re both alive. Michonne has some badass warrior gear for herself and her horse, and she’s about to ride off into battle it seems. Rick had escaped CRM for awhile, but it looks like he’s just been caught by them again. But they are both alive, and ready for the spinoff. 

All in all, it was an amazing episode. But some of those deaths were tough to watch. 

Check out our story here for details about the upcoming spinoffs. 

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