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The Walking Dead Finale: Read Rick & Michonne’s Letters

Rick and Michonne's Letters (AMC)

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There were a few letters that were especially important during The Walking Dead series finale. We have screenshots of Rick and Michonne’s letters below, along with more details about what was said. 

This article has major spoilers for The Walking Dead series finale. 

Judith’s Letter From Negan

Letter (AMC)
Letter (AMC)

The first major letter was one that Judith received from Negan after the time jump. Many fans were hoping that it would be a letter from Rick, and were a bit disappointed. But Judith had grown pretty close to Negan after Rick’s death, so it’s understandable that Negan would send her a letter before jetting off for his new spinoff with Maggie. 

Along with a compass, the letter said, “Judith this has always helped me find my way. I’m returning it to you now in the hope that it can guide you to your dreams.” 

Michonne & Rick’s Letters

But perhaps even more fascinating were Rick and Michonne’s letters, along with the realization that they are both alive (though they haven’t found each other yet.) If you didn’t know about the spinoff planned starring them, then this might have been a huge revelation to you. 

First, here’s what we saw of Michonne’s letter. The letter contains the beginning of her voiceover, where she says, “I tried to get to you and your brother, again and again.”

She goes on to say that she’s now too far for the radio to reach, but she still has them and she knows they still have her. She says they’ll always be together. 

“We, together, are the strongest thing.” (That’s a super touching line.) She talks about how endless their love is. She promises they will always be together, even while apart. 

Letter (AMC)
Letter (AMC)

And here’s what we saw of Rick’s letter. (Just after this screenshot, he continued to write “made me.”)

Letter (AMC)
Letter (AMC)

Rick’s voiceover, as he wrote his letter, read: “I think of the dead all the time. And about the living, who I lost. I think about them all every day. They’re faces…” (Interestingly, he has a grammatical error in his letter, since it should read “Their faces.”)

He continues, writing: “What I learned from them. How they made me who I am. So much more than all this made me…” He continues by saying, “Who I am.” Then he goes on to talk about how they are all pieces of a whole that will continue as one “unstoppable life.” 

It’s clear that Michonne is writing her letter to Judith, as at one point she talks about how she knows that Rick is trying to find them. Rick’s recipient is a little less clear. He doesn’t know that Michonne is searching for him, so the letter could be to her and Judith and Rick Jr. But it seems more focused on Michonne specifically, as we see an image of him gazing into the fire like he’s watching her. 

Whatever the case, their letters were a touching way to mark the end of the series, and the beginning of their spinoff. 

We were also left with some mysteries. Michonne has the most amazing warrior outfit for herself and her horse — she’s truly winning at the apocalypse. Rick, meanwhile, is still a captive of CRM, trying to flee them but being caught again. So it’s clear that the storyline from The World Beyond will play a role in his spinoff in one way or another. 

But who is Michonne riding to face at the end? What force awaits her in a potential battle? 

There are many unanswered questions. But those letters at the end created the perfect closing chapter. 

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