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What Happened to Maggie’s Friend Georgie on The Walking Dead?

What happened to Georgie? (AMC)

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Things have been pretty intense on The Walking Dead lately, and the last episode of Season 4 Part 2 is no exception. But while Maggie and the others fight for survival, many fans are remembering that Maggie made a pretty important ally who’s now missing in action. Whatever happened to her friend Georgie, the woman who had the blueprints for all those great survival plans and seemed to have a really strong community of her own? She’d be a great ally right now, but no one even mentions her name. 

Here’s what fans have theorized, along with a refresher on when we last heard about Georgie. 

(Note: this article has some spoilers on Fear the Walking Dead’s current plotline.) 

Georgie Came in With So Much Fanfare, She Appeared to Be a Big Player

When Georgie was first introduced, there was a lot of fanfare and mystery surrounding her character. In fact, quite a few fans at the time thought she was going to be a revised version of Pamela from the Commonwealth, just with a slightly different storyline for TV. 

She had a large, advanced community backing her and she provided Maggie with extensive blueprints and knowledge to modernize her community. She had all the schematics for building windmills, refining grain, creating aqueducts, and more. In the end, Maggie ended up taking her son and going with Georgie for awhile, living in her community. 

But let’s be honest. It was really weird how Georgie’s storyline was just dropped. 

We first saw her in Season 8, according to The Walking Dead wiki. She gives Hilltop food and a copy of her book with detailed schematics in exchange for a crate of records. Then she returns in Season 9, staying in contact with Maggie and ultimately recruiting her (and her son Hershel) to help spread this information to other communities. When Maggie returns in Season 10, she says that Georgie was going out West with the twins, while Maggie remained with a community she met through Georgie. But the community eventually fell, and Maggie has no idea what happened to Georgie. 

It’s a pretty clearcut explanation for why no one has seen Georgie and why Georgie isn’t helping Maggie out right now. However, it did leave me feeling like Georgie was a much smaller player than we were led to believe in Season 8. Almost like Georgie was retconned a bit to be less important than she was originally intended to be. 

Some fans think that Georgie was just an excuse for the actress who plays Maggie, Lauren Cohan, to leave the show. So she was just a plot device to help her leave while still also leaving a window open for Maggie to return (which she later did.) But to me, it feels like Georgie was originally intended to fulfill a bigger a role than that. 

I’m not the only one who feels that way. On Reddit, u/gerkect wrote, “I feel like she would be apart of a bigger group like commonwealth or maybe is gonna appear in world beyond the walking dead.” 

Another person, u/IntroductionWorking5, thinks that Georgie was secretly a part of CRM (from The Walking Dead World Beyond), maybe one of the communities they didn’t attack. It’s an intriguing idea, but I don’t think that’s the case. Others think that maybe she got mixed up with CRM, perhaps visiting Omaha or Portland when she headed out west. 

Redditor uuu_onizuka mentioned that she’s definitely not with Commonwealth, since Pamela was surprised at how advanced Alexandria was. 

Redditor Gseph is thinking along the lines that I’m thinking: that Georgie was an early idea for retooling Pamela and the Commonwealth, but when Maggie left the show they ended up changing their plans. 

Redditor JustAnotherUserGB also felt the same, thinking that maybe Georgie was Scott Gimple’s way of changing the Commonwealth, and the arc was dropped when Angela Kang took over as the showrunner. Jayne Atkinson, who plays Georgie, told Insider that her character was Gimple’s “brainchild.” 

Others are wondering if she could be part of Padre from Fear the Walking Dead. However, I doubt that’s the case. Padre is likely in far south Texas, and Fear the Walking Dead is now taking place in an irradiated landscape. I don’t see her storyline fitting there. (Also, as Redditor Doom4104 pointed out, the nuclear fallout in Fear happens in roughly 2014, while Maggie mentioning Georgie heading west is from potentially 2018/2019. So she wouldn’t head into Texas, with it being in the shape it’s in.) 

As for the actress, Jayne Atkinson, she’s done a lot since starring on TWD, including starring on Clarice in 2021, Criminal Minds, Bluff City Law, Madam Secretary, House of Cards, Castle Rock, and more. 

In short, I don’t think we’re going to see Georgie ever again. My guess is she was an early idea for a Pamela & Commonwealth iteration that was later dropped.

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