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Best Drinking Game & Bingo Ideas for The Walking Dead’s Final Season

The Walking Dead Games

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We’ve given you watch party ideas & recipes in a recent post, and while it included a few game ideas, we thought it would be great to have even more inspiration for tonight’s premiere. Here are some of the Best Drinking Game & Bingo Ideas for The Walking Dead’s Final Season. 

It’s Time for Some B-I-N-G-O

Remember those cool things we talked about that you can get for your Walking Dead watch party? You can definitely buy some of those as prizes for any of these Bingo games too! We’ve created a card for you to use so all you have to do is save it and print it for yourself.

If you’re planning on playing with other people, you can randomly generate more cards by using Bingo Baker! The card is ready for you to clone should you want to add or remove some ideas and include your own.

The Walking Dead Bingo

Some more ideas for a bingo square could be:

  • Rick appears (long shot but who knows, right?) 
  • Someone talks about Rick
  • Someone talks about Michonne
  • Faster/stronger walkers are mentioned
  • Faster/stronger walkers are seen
  • Negan and Maggie argue 
  • Cliffhanger ending
  • Cure is mentioned
  • Judith kills several walkers in one scene
  • Eugene says something smart no one gets
  • Daryl says “Nah.”

Be creative! If you need inspiration, ask your friends and gather up for a brainstorm!

The Walking Dead Bingo
Credit: The Walking Dead Fandom

Get Those (Responsible) Drinks On with The Walking Dead Drinking Game

Of course, a party wouldn’t be a party without some refreshments, and possibly alcohol if you fancy it! Here are a few ideas for your The Walking Dead drinking game. You can add any of the previous bingo soiree ideas to this list. And good luck!

Take 1 shot every time:

  • Negan leans
  • Daryl grunts
  • A walker gets stabbed in the head
  • Someone points a gun on someone else
  • Eugene says something too smart for the people around him

Take 2 shots if:

  • Carol and Daryl hug
  • Timeline “Forward”
  • Timeline “Flashback”
  • Negan shows any remorse to Maggie about his past actions
  • Someone died because they were killed by something other than a walker
  • Someone calls a walker by another name (crawler, flesh eater, etc.)
The Walking Dead Drinking Game
Credit: Giphy

Always keep in mind that you should drink in moderation! Make sure your Uber app is ready to go in the event that someone needs a trip home after the episode is over.

What to do now that Season 11 Part 3 is here

The Walking Dead Twitter account posted the final schedule for the show, and we can’t help but feel a little sad that it’s truly coming to an end. Sure, we’ll have plenty of spin-offs and whatnot, but the original show will bid its final goodbyes when Part 3 of Season 11 is over. 

AMC+ subscribers will be able to watch episode 20 on October 16th, exactly two weeks from now, as episodes are available a week before regular AMC audiences.


We’ll definitely miss this show and all of its characters. Thankful to have those spinoffs, but we’ll absolutely be able to relate to each person in these episodes at some point in our lives, seeing how The Walking Dead has been a part of it for eleven years! Memes are still going to be around, and, of course, you’ll still be able to go back and watch your favorite episodes. 

Some funny moments and memes will always be available for your entertainment, and posting them on Twitter and other social media will probably help you cope with TWD withdrawals. 

And this couldn’t be more accurate!

What will you miss most about The Walking Dead? Let us know in the comments! Happy Bingo and drinks nights!

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