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Is The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 17 Airing Early on AMC Plus?

TWD Season 11 Episode 17

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This is it. We’ve reached the last lap. In just a couple of episodes, The Walking Dead will be over after 11 seasons. It feels unreal, but we’re really thankful that other spin-offs are happening and planned for the future. Season 11 starts part 3 starts soon and here are all the details you need.

When Is TWD Season 11 Episode 17 on AMC Plus?

It’s very customary for AMC’s Twitter account to provide us with a very easy-to-follow scheduling sheet when it comes to AMC Plus. Will the episodes be available in advance? 

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 17
The Walking Dead (AMC)

Season 11 Episode 17 will air on October 2nd on AMC and AMC Plus and later on Disney Plus in the UK, on Monday, October 3. Currently, episodes 1 through 16 are available on both AMC and AMC Plus. Here is the schedule for the rest of the season:

  • Episode 17: October 2
  • Episode 18: October 9
  • Episode 19: October 16
  • Episode 20: October 23
  • Episode 21: October 30
  • Episode 22: November 6
  • Episode 23: November 13
  • Episode 24 (Finale): November 20

After the premiere of Part 3, each subsequent episode of The Walking Dead will be made accessible on AMC Plus one week earlier, assuming that the show will continue the pattern set by prior seasons. AMC has not yet confirmed this, but has written that episode 18 will be ready for fans on October 2nd on AMC Plus. So grab your popcorn and possibly some tissues as well in preparation for the final days of The Walking Dead on your screens.

TWD Season 11 Episode 17
The Walking Dead (AMC)

In other words, it looks like the very first episode of Season 11 C is not airing a weekly early on AMC Plus. Everyone will get to watch it together on October 2. But after that, each episode will air one week early on AMC Plus. We’re assuming this will hold true for the series finale too, but it’s possible AMC may wait and air that one at the same time for everyone. 

Keep your eyes peeled on AMC’s website for more info. 

Check Out the Trailer

The trailer for the final days of The Walking Dead is packed with suspense, action, and a lot of flashbacks from Season 1 and up to now. It is going to be an emotional one for those of us who have been following it since the very beginning. Perhaps we’ll even encounter surprise characters, and possibly have a lot of questions answered.

Leading up to the final part of the last season, we got to watch the Tales of the Walking Dead anthology, which brought mixed reviews from fans. Check out our review of the finale of Tales here.

We also know that Rick and Michonne are going to star in their own spinoff, and fans are really excited about that one. We don’t have a lot of details yet about that one, but it’s looking good. 

Negan and Maggie will also be in their own spinoff, and that one will likely be the first to air after The Walking Dead’s main series is over. 

Then on top of that, we have the Daryl spinoff, which is sounding more and more exciting. In fact, Norman Reedus recently shared that it will go “in the opposite direction” of The Walking Dead, which sounds intriguing indeed. 

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