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When Will The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 17 Air?

The Walking Dead Season 11 part 3

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Wonderful news for all of you! It won’t be long before The Walking Dead airs Episode 17 of Season 11! This time around, the first episode of Season 11 Part 3 will not be made available for early viewing on AMC+. If you want to watch it on television, the following information will provide you with all the specifics on when it will be shown.

So, When will Season 11 Episode 17 of The Walking Dead Premiere?

Regardless of if you have an active subscription to AMC+ or not, you’ll be able to see Episode 17 of Season 11 of “The Walking Dead,” which is titled “Lockdown,” on AMC as of today, Sunday, October 2nd, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

If you’re watching on TV, that’s 7 o’clock Central time and 8 o’clock Pacific time. (If you are on the West Coast, check your local listings since some streaming services on that coast could show it at 6 p.m. Pacific at the same time it airs in the Eastern time zone.)

The Walking Dead Season 11 episode 17
Credit: AMC

This Season’s Schedule

This time around, AMC+ subscribers won’t have access to the first episode early, but rather will be able to watch the first and second episodes on the same day, October 2. Regular AMC users will have to wait until October 9th to see the second episode. The new episodes will also air on Disney Plus in the UK on the 3rd of October.

Here are the airing dates for season 11 part 3:

  • Episode 17: October 2
  • Episode 18: October 9
  • Episode 19: October 16
  • Episode 20: October 23
  • Episode 21: October 30
  • Episode 22: November 6
  • Episode 23: November 13
  • Episode 24 (Finale): November 20

Each successive episode will be available on AMC Plus one week before its broadcast debut on regular AMC. Although AMC has not officially announced it, reports that fans may watch Episode 18 on AMC Plus on October 2nd. Keep an eye on AMC’s site for updates. 

The Walking Dead Season 11
Credit: AMC

Now is the time to stock up on snacks and tissues in anticipation of the final episodes of The Walking Dead. 

Take a Look at the Teaser

There’s a lot of tension, action, and flashbacks to earlier seasons in The Walking Dead teaser for the show’s final episodes. For those of us who have been watching from the beginning, it’s going to be a tough episode emotionally. Maybe some unexpected people will show up, and maybe a lot of our questions will be addressed.

The news that Rick and Michonne will head up their own spinoff has also been well received by viewers. We don’t have a lot of information on that one just yet, but it’s promising.

As for the spinoffs, the one starring Negan and Maggie will presumably premiere shortly after The Walking Dead concludes.

Even though the series is coming to an end, we’re still expecting great things from The Walking Dead universe. Which spinoff are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below. There’s no doubt that we’ll have a lot to talk about as this season continues.

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