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Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows in 2021 That You Don’t Want to Miss

2021 post apocalyptic tv series

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As 2021 begins, it’s time to start planning for all the post-apocalyptic TV shows that you’ll want to watch in the coming year. If 2020 was any indication, we’ll definitely need the distraction! There are some great new shows on the horizon, along with some fantastic series that are returning. So get your calendars ready and write down everything on this list so you don’t miss a thing. Here are the 2021 post-apocalyptic TV shows that you don’t want to miss.

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New Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows Premiering in 2021 (or shortly thereafter)

First, here are the new post-apocalyptic TV shows coming soon. Be sure and also check out our Post-Apocalyptic Calendar, which we will keep updated with confirmed premiere dates.

Y: The Last Man

This is one of the most interesting new apocalyptic series premiering in 2021. We don’t have a premiere date yet, but we know it’s coming to Hulu sometime in 2021. Check out our deep dive into what we know so far here.

Halo TV Series: Premiere Date TBA

Showtime has ordered a 10-episode series for Halo. Showtime said it would begin production in early 2019, and then it returned to the set in November, so hopefully we’ll see a 2021 premiere.

The cast lineup is pretty exciting.

Tribes of Europa: February 19

Netflix recently teased a new series called Tribes of Europa, which looks a lot like The 100. Check out our look at the similarities here.

The Last of Us: Premiere Date TBA, But Likely 2022

HBO is working on a TV adaptation of The Last of Us. It’s going to be great, but it’s unclear when to expect it to premiere. The series will be written by Craig Mazin of Chernobyl and Neil Druckmann. We likely won’t see this one until 2022, based on current speculation.

Fallout: Premiere Date TBA

Fallout is being adapted for Amazon Prime, led by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan of Westworld. See our speculation about the new series here.

Dune: The Sisterhood on HBO Max: Current Status Unknown

Back in 2019 we learned that Dune: The Sisterhood was a new series coming to HBO Max. But then we learned in November 2019 that showrunner Jon Spaihts decided to step down. Not a lot has been said about the series since (and I hoped we were going to see it in 2021, but now I’m not so sure.) The new Dune movie is now slated to be released on HBO Max when it’s released in theaters, and director Denis Villeneuve isn’t happy about that.

Resident Evil: Premiere Date Sometime in 2021

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is going to be a new TV series on Netflix, it’s simply unclear when. But Netflix has indicated it will be sometime in 2021.

Station Eleven: Premiere Date TBA

Station Eleven is about a flu pandemic that wipes out most of the world’s population. It’s going to air on HBO Max, but like everything else, it was delayed because of the pandemic.

Battlestar Galactica Revival: Premiere Date TBA

A new Battlestar Galactica reboot is coming to the Peacock streaming service, but we’re pretty sure it’s a long way off. Learn more in our podcast episode.

Game of Thrones Prequel Not Premiering Until 2022

If you were looking forward to the Game of Thrones prequel on HBO, that’s not expected until 2022. Sorry. 🙁

The 100 Spinoff: Not Yet Picked Up

During The 100’s final (and very controversial) season, it was rumored that The CW might order a spinoff/prequel for the series. One episode laid the groundwork for the new series, but it hasn’t been picked up yet.

Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows Returning in 2021

Attack on Titan: Season 4 Is Airing Now

Attack on Titan is available to watch every Sunday at 3:45 p.m. Eastern on Hulu, Funimation and Crunchy Roll. We’re just at the beginning of Season 4 and the series is amazing. If you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead and start with Season 1 on Hulu, using either the subtitled or dubbed version.

The Stand Is Airing Now

The Stand is airing right now on CBS All Access. (Read our review of Episode 1 here.) It’s a limited event series with new episodes every Wednesday night. There are a total of nine episodes in the limited series.

Snowpiercer Season 2 Premieres January 25

This is one of the ones we are most excited about! Snowpiercer’s second season premieres January 25 on TNT.

The Last Kingdom Season 5: Date TBA

Netflix’s hit series The Last Kingdom is returning for a fifth season. We just don’t know what date to expect it back. Season 4 premiered in April 2020 and Season 3 premiered in November 2018.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Returns February 28

The Walking Dead on AMC is returning this year with six “added on” episodes for Season 10 in February, before premiering Season 11 in 2022, which will be the show’s final season. In 2023, we can expect a Daryl and Carol series. There’s also an anthology series planned, along with a comedy (yes a comedy.)

Expect Season 10 to return on February 28 at 9 p.m. Eastern. All six episodes will premiere early on AMC Plus, every Thursday before they air on AMC.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Part 2: Possibly April 4, 2021

Fear the Walking Dead’s midseason finale for Season 6 was in November. A premiere date for the show’s return isn’t set in stone, but IB Times reports it might be April 4. The show has also been renewed for Season 7.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2: Date TBA

This series finished its first season in 2020, so it’s not clear if Season 2 is returning in 2021 or not. ScreenRant estimated it will premiere in the Summer of 2021.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4: Date TBA

A lot of people are waiting eagerly for the return of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale for a fourth season (which has already been renewed for a fifth season.) We know it’s coming back sometime in 2021, just not when. The show was two weeks into shooting when it was shut down for the pandemic.

Lost in Space Season 3: Date TBA

Season 3 will be the final season of Lost in Space on Netflix, but when can we expect it?

Likely sometime in 2021, since production began in September.

Love Death + Robots: Season 2 Date TBA

Love, Death and Robotswas an anthology series on Netflix that had quite a few episodes with apocalyptic themes. According to IMDb, it’s coming back sometime in 2021, but a release date hasn’t been announced yet.

Van Helsing Season 5: Date TBA

Van Helsing has one final season on Syfy that was delayed due to the pandemic. Production wrapped on September 10, 2020.

Another Life Season 2: Date TBA

Katee Sackhoff just wrapped filming of Another Life Season 2 for Netflix in December. In Season 1, her character Niko took off into space to explore the origins of an alien monolith that landed on Earth (hmmm.) Her character’s husband, Erik, stayed behind to try to communicate with it.

Black Summer Season 2: Date TBA

Black Summer on Netflix

Netflix’s post-apocalyptic series Black Summer is renewed for a second season. Season 2 will be eight episodes and production was supposed to begin earlier in 2020, Variety shared. Like everything else, the pandemic delayed this too. But in late September, production resumed.

Into the Night: Season 2 TBA

Into the Night, a Belgian post-apocalyptic series on Netflix, has been renewed for Season 2. We just don’t know when to expect it.

Raised by Wolves: Season 2 TBA

Raised by Wolves was a huge hit on HBO Max, and it’s been renewed for a second season. We’re just unclear on when to expect that season, but hopefully sometime in 2021.

See: Season 2 TBA

See, the post-apocalyptic series on Apple TV+, is filming its second season, which resumed in October. Expect it out sometime in 2021.

Adventure Time: Distant Lands – Episodes 3 & 4

Expect to see Episodes 3 and 4 of Adventure Time: Distant Lands sometime in 2021. The first two episodes premiered on HBO Max with little fanfare or advanced notice, but they were really good. The last two episodes will be about Peppermint Butler and Jack and Finn.

The Wilds Season 2: Date TBA

Season 1 of Amazon’s The Wilds released in December and it was a surprise hit. The show has been renewed for a second season. The earliest we’ll likely see it is late 2021, possibly not until 2022. Check out our look into the series here.

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