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Netflix Teases Dystopian ‘Tribes of Europa’ & It’s A Lot Like ‘The 100’

Tribes of Europa

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Fans of The 100 rejoice: it looks like your replacement post-apocalyptic young adult tribal sci-fi thriller is almost here! Netflix’s The Tribes of Europa could be the answer to what The 100 fans are missing. But some fans are a little concerned by the similarities.

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Could The Tribes of Europa Fill the Gap That The 100 Has Left?

The Tribes of Europa is a new drama series coming to Netflix in February that takes place in the year 2074, rife with plenty of dystopia, mysterious technology, and tribal warfare.

“The future is not what you expected,” Netflix describes in the show’s description. “The 2074 Europe is split into many Tribal states fighting for dominance. The three siblings Kiano (Emilio Sakraya), Liv (Henriette Confurius) and Elja (David Ali Rashed) get caught in the middle of this bloody war and are forced to forge their own paths.”

Tribes of Europa

According to IMDB, six episodes are planned for the newly announced German series, but no official word on how long each episode will be. Fans of another Netflix hit, Dark, will be pleased to know that this one is also being created by executive producers Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann. Florian Baxmeyer and Philip Koch are directing the series with writing credits going to Jana Burbach and Benjamin Seiler, as well as Koch.

Twitter Has A Lot to Say About How Tribes of Europa Compares to The 100

The brand new teaser trailer, released today, shows off what we can expect from the show’s atmosphere, costumes, and pace. And as expected, Twitter has not let us down with the snarky comparisons to The 100.

Some people are saying that it feels a little too much like The 100. It looks like we have a Bellmay-like character and a Lexa-like character, but we’re missing Clarke.

Oh wait, never mind…

Some fans who are still unhappy about how the series ended are hoping that maybe this one will be better.

Others think the similarities are just far too noticeable.

Maybe this is the Grounders prequel?

Tribes of Europa is coming to Netflix on February 19, 2021. So we’ll have to wait until after Valentine’s Day to see just how closely the series ends up mirroring The 100.

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