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Amazon’s The Wilds is Dystopian “LOST Meets Mean Girls”

The Wilds

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Some have already called it an “All-girls Lord of the Flies” while others have dubbed it “LOST meets Mean Girls,” but the fact is, Amazon’s new young adult dystopian series The Wilds is already catching quite a bit of attention from Day One.

The 10-episode drama series centers around a group of teenage girls who are stranded on a deserted island after their plane crashes somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. But there’s also a twist of dystopia in the plot (which is why you’re reading about it on this website).

“As The Wilds unfolds, it’s revealed that a team of mysterious researchers are observing the girls during their time in the wilderness for unknown reasons,” writes the NY Post in their review. Interesting! Apparently we will find out more on who these researchers are as the show progresses.

The Wilds“The girls’ intertwined stories on the island unfold as they explain their lives before, during and after to the investigators,” writes MSN’s Lucy Mangan. “The theme of The Wilds is signaled almost painfully obviously (even allowing for the fact that it is aimed at a younger demographic) at the start.”

But it seems that the show turns out to be much more than the obvious comparisons that almost all reviews have painted for it. Indiewire gives the show a B+ rating, citing that: “It’s a leap forward for Amazon’s programming, and taking this kind of creative risk should be encouraged. Raise your glass to toast The Wilds for being a rare thing indeed on the TV landscape: a genre show about a diverse group of teenage girls that is relatable, relevant, and important.”

The Wilds is currently available as an exclusive title on Amazon Prime.

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