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Amazon’s Fallout TV Series: A Fan Speculation

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As someone who has clocked hundreds of hours on the Fallout series over the last decade, recent news of Amazon’s upcoming Fallout TV series had me reacting with excitement and also slight trepidation. As usual, when a favorite piece of media is adapted to another source, fans are wary of the new form dismantling (or, in the worst case, bastardizing) the original.

That being said, along with Post-Apocalyptic Media’s podcast where some theories/ideas were discussed, this is speculation about where a show could take the beloved series. Rotten Tomatoes has already provided a few broad-level wishes (some which I’ll repeat here), but I wanted to go vault-deep about where the show could be headed.


I was relieved to see Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are the writers and producers of the show. I am a fan of Westworld. It uses carnage to raise interesting questions about reality, control, and even trauma. And Amazon’s The Boys proves that the platform isn’t afraid to get a bit violent, so I’m sure there will be scenes that are a bloody mess.

homelander uses laser eyes against protestors

I was also quite happy to see the heads of the project are Fallout veterans Todd Howard and James Altman. Of all the games, Fallout 3’s design aesthetic is my favorite. I hope they bring the grit and desolation of Fallout 3 to the show, as well as Fallout’s signature faux-1950s-style clothes, decor, and technology. What I really hope they’re able to maintain is the tone. Fallout’s alternate reality is in truth a sardonic critique of ours: a world destroyed by avarice and war-mongering. There is a reason there are so many weapons to be found in the wasteland.


Before every Fallout game releases there is the inevitable discussion online about what the single-player story will be (though, to be honest, how many of us have multiple playthroughs where we just wander around?), so a TV Series is an interesting concept. What I hope doesn’t happen is a rehash of a storyline we’ve played before.

I’m throwing out an idea here, but what about multiple storylines from the regions we’ve encountered in the games? Perhaps we have a different character, or set of characters with various “special” skills, from the various known regions (New Vegas, the Capital Wasteland, the Commonwealth, Appalachia, and a Vault). Perhaps they are drawn to a new region by the same radio broadcast? Given how often the radio is used to begin or track quests in the games, this would be a fun reference.

bird interrupted with butcher pepe
Butcher Pete strikes again.

Survivalism is also an important aspect of Fallout. I’m sure we’ll see struggling communities and hopefully some focus on building and scavenging.

I also hope we get some exposition into the world before the war of 2077 the politics that started it, the invasion of Alaska, and (what I’m most curious about given I’m from Ontario) the Annexation of Canada.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the major factions were included. The Enclave, the Institute, the NCR, and Caesar’s Legion. And, of course, the Brotherhood of Steel. While one or more of the others could be relegated to passing references (if they exist at all), I would be surprised if the Brotherhood, with their iconic power armor, doesn’t prominently feature in the show.

And of course, we need ghouls. We need super mutants. We need raiders. We need rad-scorpions, Mirelurks, and Death Claws. It would also be fun to have little cameos of game NPCs or companions in the background or with minor speaking roles. Except for Preston. He’d likely break the fourth wall to ask us to help save another settlement.

a boy preston garvey strains so hard a vein pops on his head

And Dogmeat needs to be there too, of course. It’s not Fallout without our trusty canine companion.


I mentioned vaults above, but, given Westworld’s story arcs, I could see the vaults being used in a big way in the Fallout show. Throughout the games, it is revealed that some (all?) of the vaults were social experiments. The abandoned vaults were arguably the scariest parts of the games as well, so it would allow for some horror-esque moments.


Personally, I can’t wait to watch the show and fan-girl over all the references to the game. Obviously, the show can’t include everything, nor would we want to watch a show that only name-dropped the game, but there are so many places, weapons, and items (and drugs!) that could pop up in subtle places. PIP-Boys, Bobbleheads, stimpacks, the books and magazine covers, the G.E.C.K, VATS, and the various smaller factions from each game (Tunnel Snakes Rule!). Personally, I’m hoping for a glimpse of three things: the Gobi Campaign Sniper Rifle, Tenpenny Tower, and a vertibird.

vault boy applies stimpack despite broken limbs memeSoundtrack

Anyone who plays Fallout knows the soundtrack is bangin’. Give us at least a little bit of “Big Iron”, “Johnny Guitar”, “Butcher Pete”, and the Ink Spots and I’ll be happy.

Lastly, I refuse to watch the show if Ron Pearlman doesn’t do some sort of narration. War. War never changes.

The Latest Fallout TV Show News

We have no news as to when the show will be released, who the cast is, and what format it will take, but either way, the mere suggestion that a Fallout show is in the works has been a bright spot in this dismal 2020. When there is Fallout TV show news to share, you can be sure that we’ll be covering every juicy detail here at Post Apocalyptic Media.

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