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New Content for My Time at Sandrock on Nintendo Switch

My Time at Sandrock on Nintendo Switch

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My Time at Sandrock has been a popular multiplayer game choice since its version 1.0 release in November 2023.  With updates coming in left and right, users on Nintendo Switch felt left behind. Until now! Pathea Games and PM Studios have revealed the release of the New Year Better Me update for the Nintendo Switch iteration of the highly-praised crafting and life simulation game. This complimentary update not only introduces an abundance of fresh content to the game but also significant enhancements in performance and visual quality. Let’s look at the details of what is new in My Time at Sandrock on Nintendo Switch.

My Time at Sandrock on Nintendo Switch Gets Biggest Update

This latest update marks the culmination of the development team at Pathea’s efforts, promising significantly enhanced framerate performance in early zones, extended shadow distance, upgraded texture fidelity, and a plethora of other improvements.


Performance enhancements have completely revamped gameplay across Sandrock, guaranteeing a smoother and more responsive gaming experience. Enhancements encompass upgraded fidelity in both nearby and distant shadows, heightened realism in lighting and illumination effects, enhanced grass textures, refined facial shadows and lighting, and additional improvements. With these upgrades, Sandrock reaches new heights of visual appeal and performance on the Nintendo Switch.

The previous restriction of a 20-item limit in the dynamic factory queue system has been lifted, granting players greater flexibility and a wider array of options when overseeing workshop tasks.

The Keyboard Sword is also a whole new item in the game. This will give players a world of fresh quests, weapons, and hairstyles meticulously crafted in partnership with the My Time at Sandrock Kickstarter community. This addition brings forth expanded character customization possibilities, spanning from the exquisite to the eccentric, along with a plethora of combat alternatives and the introduction of two emotionally resonant questlines.

Keyboard Sword My Time at Sandrock on Nintendo Switch
Keyboard Sword – My Time at Sandrock update on Nintendo Switch

There is now an array of thrilling additions, including a new Roguelike Endgame Dungeon, a rideable rollercoaster and Merry-Go-Round, a letter system, and the innovative Magic Mirror planting system.

Pathea and PM Studios remain dedicated to providing free seasonal content for My Time At Sandrock players across all platforms, alongside paid cosmetic items scheduled for release throughout 2024, while inviting players to explore further updates and community engagement on the official subreddit for playful hints at future developments and community activities.

What is My Time at Sandrock?

My Time at Sandrock, the second installment in the My Time series succeeding My Time at Portia, is presently under development and self-published by Pathea Games. Inheriting core elements from its predecessor, My Time at Sandrock reintroduces key features including crafting, resource gathering, and farming. Players will assume the role of the Builder in the desolate oasis town of Sandrock, facing the challenges of a harsh desert environment with limited resources compared to the verdant landscapes of Portia, striving to revitalize the town to its former splendor.

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