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New UFO Whistleblower Ready to Break Silence on Secret UAP Retrievals

A new whistleblower with firsthand knowledge is ready to backup Grusch. This photo depicts what a UAP might look like. (Canva)

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A new UFO whistleblower with firsthand knowledge about a UAP retrieval program is ready to go public, documentarian James Fox has revealed. The whistleblower is going through channels similar to David Grusch and is prepared to corroborate his testimony as early as later this year. 

A new UFO whistleblower with firsthand knowledge of UAP retrievals is ready to back up Grusch's testimony. #UAP #DavidGrusch #UFOx #UFOTwitter Click To Tweet

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The Witness Has Firsthand Knowledge of Legacy UFO Retrieval Programs & Is Prepared to Come Forward Later This Year

Screenshot of James Fox on the James English Youtube interview
Screenshot of James Fox on the James English Youtube interview

During a multi-hour interview with James English, documentarian James Fox revealed that a new whistleblower is going through the same process David Grusch did before making his astounding claims. 

James Fox is a well-known and highly respected documentarian, who directed “The Phenomenon” in 2020, which examined numerous UFO claims and included testimony from high-ranking government officials and NASA astronauts. In 2022, he directed “Moment of Contact,” a UFO documentary that explored the extraterrestrial encounters in Varginha, Brazil, in 1996. 

Fox shared a letter he received from a firsthand UFO crash retrieval witness, who said they have already begun the whistleblower process with the Inspector General. This confidential witness said in their letter that they might come forward as early as this year. He reads the letter at around 1:55 into the interview. 

Fox begins by referencing Grusch’s testimony to Congress. He emphasizes that Grusch spoke about these programs under oath, based on testimony he received from people with firsthand knowledge.

Fox then notes: “There is an individual that is on the verge of going public and I thought that your audience might like to hear from…” 

He then reads the person’s letter. Here’s how it begins. 

“Hello James,

It’s been a while since we collaborated on a public statement. As you know, I’m working to get private industry and Congress to collaborate on the UAP materials and biologics. Yes, both are part of the legacy program. I know we’ve had a few oddball comments from folks who haven’t been in the program, but as someone with first-hand knowledge and knowing other first-hand experiencers, we have been asked to formalize our testimony to the same ICIG (intelligence community inspector general) process that David Grusch went through.

Unlike David I personally have not experienced any attacks from the government nor DOD. My reason for coming forward is purely to provide factual information concerning the people, locations, private laboratories, and research facilities that exist around the world in an effort to help the investigative process.”

When the witness talks about not experiencing attacks from the government, they’re referencing statements Grusch has made under oath and in interviews. Grusch has testified that he experienced serious reprisals from officials for coming forward. He can’t speak in detail about them yet because they’re under an active investigation. 

The witness goes on to write the following:

“It’s always my hope that the DOD, Pentagon, and the legacy program people are allowed to get out from under the heavy-handed weaponization of the exotic technologies they have. I believe there is a solid path for everyone to come forward without reprisal and to help mankind by making the non-classified aspects more transparent and available for the sectors of our societies that involve medicine, energy production, and the enlightenment of our collective mindset as human beings.

I’m encouraged by all the hard work that many unsung heroes are doing behind the scenes as well as in the public domain. I will be coming forward when the time is right. I wish you and all those that you read this letter to, all the blessings and goodwill they deserve. The truth is now being revealed and I promise to continue doing my part.”

Fox doesn’t elaborate on the individual’s identity, but says they can’t go public just yet but are going through the process so that they can do so. 

“That was a message from one of those individuals that we’ll be hearing from probably as early as this year,” he added. 

The Witness Believes the UAP Knowledge Could Help Medicine, Energy Production & Enlightenment

The witness’s letter does not hint at a dark or foreboding truth that other UFO experts have hinted about. Rather, they note that they are formalizing their testimony and going through the same Inspector General process that Grusch utilized. 

Perhaps most interesting is their belief that the “weaponization of exotic technologies” plays the chief role in keeping the knowledge silent so far. They believe that publicizing the programs could help fields like medicine, energy production, and overall enlightenment. 

Like Grusch, the witness also notes that they have knowledge of people, locations, and private laboratories that they’re in the process of sharing. 

They also talk about knowing a group of people that are planning to come forward with similar information. 

Sen. Rubio Has Said He’s Spoken to Firsthand Witnesses With UAP Testimony

The potential witness’s testimony won’t be the first time that someone with firsthand knowledge has corroborated Grusch in an official capacity. But it will be the first time someone has come forward publicly. 

Sen. Marco Rubio has noted previously that Congress has spoken to other witnesses who have corroborated Grusch’s claims, but they have not come forward publicly for fear of reprisal. 

In an interview with NewsNation, Rubio noted: “A lot of these people signed these non-disclosure agreements, and they’re fearful of ever commenting because they think its punishable by death… If it is even partially true, then somebody has broken the law, there’s been some violations, because these things have to be disclosed to Congress.” 

Multiple people, despite fearing repercussions, have spoken with Congress about their firsthand accounts, Rubio added. 

Congress is still investigating the allegations, and Sen. Chuck Schumer has even submitted a long amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would create an official means for declassifying UFO information. You can read the full amendment here

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