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Senator: Witnesses Fear Violating UFO NDAs Is ‘Punishable By Death’

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Senator Marco Rubio recently spoke with NewsNation about UFO whistleblower David Grusch’s claims, and one of the revelations he shared involves just how fearful potential witnesses are about speaking out. Rubio revealed that some of the people who signed NDAs are worried that violating the NDA could not just risk jail sentences for them, but might actually put their lives at risk too. 

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Rubio: If the UFO Claims Are Even Partially True, Then ‘Somebody Has Broken the Law’

Screenshot of Rubio NewsNation interview
Screenshot of Rubio NewsNation interview

NewsNation has released a full video of Rubio’s interview with reporter Joe Khalil, where they discussed the implications of Grusch’s claims that the U.S. has a secret UFO retrieval program where they’ve been trying to backward engineer UAP tech. Part of the allegations include the claim that some corporations have been working with the government on the attempts. 

“We have a law for whistleblowers,” Rubio started out by saying. “So they go to the inspector general of the intelligence community and then they have an obligation … if they find it to be an urgent concern, a credible and urgent concern, their job is to refer it to Congress. And they have done so.”

Grusch’s concern was, in part, that the AARO task force Congress set up to look into UAPs was not being told about the top-secret program, in part because AARO’s top-secret clearance is too low. 

Rubio made it clear that while some of the accounts he heard were compelling, he is not stating if they are true or not. But he did say that whistleblowers have grave concerns. 

“Remember, a lot of these people signed these non-disclosure agreements, and they’re fearful of ever commenting because they think its punishable by death,” Rubio told NewsNation. “So we passed a law that basically said you can come forward and talk to Congress or the UAP task force. So I don’t want to say that anybody is not telling the truth. I understand that this is something that sounds fantastic and out of the ordinary. I would just say if it is even partially true, then somebody has broken the law, there’s been some violations, because these things have to be disclosed to Congress. I mean, Congress has been paying for it, and probably for a long time.”

Rubio also told NewsNation that they’ve had multiple people with firsthand accounts corroborating Grusch also come forward. Some of them have “held very high clearances and high positions within our government,” he added. 

An Overview of Grusch’s Claims

Here’s a quick overview of some of the things Grusch has said about the spacecraft and aliens themselves. You can read a deeper, more in-depth accounting of what he’s claimed, with citations, in our story here.

  • The objects originate from a non-human intelligence (NHI.) He’s taken a lot of care to not label them extraterrestrial because he’s not certain what they are. Grusch himself is theorizing they might be extradimensional (such as existing here on Earth but in another dimension), but he’s not certain. 
  • We have bodies of alien pilots.
  • The craft are made from a strange mix of elements that could not be created by humans. 
  • The very first spacecraft recovery was from Italy about 90 years ago, taken from Mussolini. The Vatican has known about this program since then.
  • He’s not cleared to talk about Roswell, but hinted it was an alien craft retrieval. 
  • He confirmed the stories of UFOs shutting down nuclear tech. He said that Article 3 of a nuclear arms agreement with Russia is used to keep communication open between the two countries about UFO sightings near nuclear sites.
  • One UFO was the size of a football stadium. 
  • He talked a bit with NewsNation about the NHIs not all being friendly, and humans possibly being killed in some interactions. But he also indicated that we have tried to shoot them down, so it’s unclear if they were just acting in self defense. 
  • The information he shared with The Debrief (and NewsNation) was cleared by the DoD’s Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review.
  • He described this as a “Cold War for recovered and exploited physical material” between “near-peer adversaries.” 
  • He’s provided names, dates, programs, and locations. 

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