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Attack on Titan Teases Possible Sequel Project: Shingeki Fly

Shingeki Fly announced (MAPPA/Twitter)

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Attack on Titan’s manga editor just dropped a major hint about a possible sequel in the franchise, and fans can’t stop speculating about what’s to come. The project, called Shingeki Fly, will be dropping more details in October. Here are all the clues and hints we have about the project so far. 

The New Project Is Fulfilling a Promise From the Manga Editor

One of the biggest hints about the new project was dropped on X (formerly Twitter) on September 9. Attack on Titan’s manga editor’s account, called @ShingekiKyojin, tweeted that the new project will be fulfilling a promise they frequently made during the manga’s serialization. 

Tweet from @ShingekiKyojin
Tweet from @ShingekiKyojin

The Google translation notes: “Today is September 9, 2023. 14 years have passed since the serialization of ‘Attack on Titan’ began. It looks like I’ll finally be able to fulfill the promise I often talked about with everyone during the series!” 

According to their bio, @ShingekiKyojin is a manga editor whose works include “Attack on Titan.” They’re the editor in chief of the Weekly Shonen Magazine, and are currently working on Gachiacta. The bio links to, which promotes the Attack on Titan manga in Japan, along with its non-canon spinoffs. 

An Announcement with More Details Is Dropping October 4 in Japan

The announcement goes on to note that they will be sharing more details on October 4, but the information won’t be shared on their account. Rather, it’s being released on a new account called @shingeki_FLY. That’s why media sources like us are currently referring to the new project as Shingeki Fly. 

The manga editor wrote on Twitter: “We are planning to release information from October 4th, so we would appreciate it if you could follow @shingeki_FLY.”

It’s worth noting that the tweet, which reads “today is September 9,” was released on September 8 in U.S. time zones. So it’s likely the information will technically drop on October 3 if you’re in the U.S. So if you’re reading this in the U.S., then you should be watching that space closely starting October 3, rather than waiting for October 4.

The Account’s Profile Picture Isn’t From the Manga

Interestingly, the Shingeki Fly Twitter account has a new profile picture that features an illustration that, according to fans, isn’t from the anime or the manga. It’s new. 

Shingeki Fly illustration from the Twitter bio
Shingeki Fly illustration from the Twitter bio

You can see the image above. Armin’s haircut and Eren’s haircut makes the image appear to be from earlier in the timeline, before the time jump in the final season. Mikasa appears quite a bit different. Eren and Armin are both looking up at something. Could it be birds, hence the word “Fly”? Or a Titan? They don’t aappear scared, however. Just curious or determined. 

Fans Found a Few More Hints About the Project

So far, more details about the project are scarce. But fans have a lot of theories. Because it’s the manga editor teasing the announcement, this will likely be manga-related rather than a new anime series .

Some fans think this could be a new sequel that picks up where a mysterious ending manga panel left off. (Don’t worry, anime-only readers, we won’t have any manga spoilers in this story.) 

Others are hoping that this will be a prequel that dives more into the great Titan war that the anime and manga have frequently talked about. (This is my personal hope for what’s announced.) 

A special event happening in October was accidentally leaked on September 10, and some people think that Shingeki Fly is simply related to that. However, a different Twitter (or X) account has been set up related to that event, so Shingeki Fly is likely something else entirely. 

One hint might be seen in the topics that Shingeki Fly is following on X. Those topics are “Animation & comics,” “Entertainment,” and “Gaming.” Hopefully this isn’t simply an announcement about a new game, but the topics the account’s following leaves that as a possibility. 

We’ll know more on October 3 (or October 4 in Japan.) 

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