Someone’s past the first level: Are we making Endgame too complicated?

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There’s some speculation that making Endgame really complicated is the wrong way to go. For example, some people found the 121212 passphrase through complicated videos and such. However, the answer was also hidden in plain sight within the book itself.

In fact, at least one person has solved KeplerFuturistics’ first puzzle, and claims this was not done through 12 12 12. Of course, it’s hard to know what to believe on the Internet, but it’s something to consider. Here’s the proof that it was solved:

Decode Endgame Community Google

Soooo…. What’s next? Is Natasha a red herring? Is the answer in the sausage? Or somewhere completely different? Would love to hear your thoughts, either via comment or by contacting me.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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