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‘Endgame: Rules of the Game’ Guide: How to Start the Third Contest

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Endgame: Rules of the Game Guide: Here’s how to start the third and final contest in this epic post-apocalyptic series, including registering on Kepler Futuristics. The grand prize this time is $250,000, but you only have until July 10 to finish the game before the chance at the prize is gone forever. (Yes, they’re doing things differently this time!) We have a complete guide below for registering and getting started with the first puzzle. (If you don’t already have the third Endgame book, you can buy Endgame at this link.)

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started on Kepler Futuristics

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To get started with the contest, you must first visit the newest Kepler Futuristics site here. When the first contest was launched in 2014, there were a TON of problems getting the Kepler Futuristics website to work due to graphics compatibilities. But hopefully this time around, it’s all working better.

When you first go to the Kepler Futuristics site, the logo will blink a few times and then you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:


Click on the top of the seal and pull the seal to your right and down. You’ll have to answer a question at each phase.


First, click and release at the asterisk. You’ll get the following message:


Next, click and release at the “Question Mark.” This gives you an FAQ section you can read about the game.

When you sign in with your Google account, make sure you are using the Google account that you want to associate with the puzzles. When you’re asked to sign in with your Google account and you accept the rules, that’s it. Now you’re registered. You’ll get an email confirming your registration.

If you want to skip straight to registering, then pull the seal all the way down to the fourth circle (or the third large one). You’ll see a person with a plus sign:


If nothing seems to happen at this point, it’s because you have popups disabled. So enable popups on your browser and reload the page. This is when you’ll get a chance to sign in with your Google account. Choose your account wisely! Then click “Allow” to give Rules of the Game access to your basic information. A new popup will appear, asking you to accept the terms of the game. Go ahead and read the terms and then accept if you’re OK with them.

Finally, pull the seal down to the very bottom circle. You’ll be returned to your original screen and the logo will flash on your screen over and over until you’re finally taken to the big start screen, where the game begins.


Play around with this screen a little bit. You can turn the seal just like you did to register, and it’ll pop up two different screens and options. The first is for entering text:


And the second is for a very different type of puzzle:


If you click on the emblem at the very bottom, you’ll be taken to a different page. This is Game 1 of Endgame: Rules of the GameIt’s the first puzzle that you have to solve to make it through the game. This page has 15 images. You can click on any of them to have the images pull up larger versions for you to look at more closely.

So that’s how you get started with the game!

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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