Treading On Ashes



Just because the world ended once doesn’t mean it won’t happen again.

Five years after rogue missiles have ravaged the globe, Treading On Ashes follows the intertwining lives of several different survivors still struggling to find their place in the new world.

Dess Sheridan resolves to leave the comfort of her rustic log cabin, tormented by the people she left behind while she delves into the dubious death of an old flame.

Living a life of self destruction, what remains of Harlan Reid’s moral compass spins out of control when he is offered a mercenary contract to make ends meet.

When the supply of diesel runs dry, Evelyn Royce weighs her family’s newfound prosperity against a pack of desperate settlers faced with plunging back into darkness.

Meanwhile, an unearthed shadow gathers in the west, murderous marauders raid the farm belt and cutthroat pirates torment the coast as alliances shift in the scramble for safety.

The rich and the reckless, the dutiful and the depraved, all fight for what little remains while Treading On Ashes.


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