Endgame Twist: Is there more to that website everyone’s talking about?

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Have you heard the latest rumor about that mysterious Endgame website? No, I’m not talking about theEndgame: The Calling Kepler Futuristics one, although that one’s pretty mysterious all on its own. I’m talking about the 12 website (you’ll know it from the book.)

Well, some people have figured out the passphrase to log into the site. But one very astute reader wrote to inform me about a twist… The website is developed so that MORE THAN ONE passphrase can be entered. In other words, it’s very possible that you can enter more than one passphrase and be directed to a variety of different websites.

Is it true or is it just rumor? Well, we’re not completely sure yet. But some people are positing that this is a way to record your progress in the game. As you solve a puzzle, perhaps you enter the passphrase to record your passage. This is kind of similar to the idea of how KeplerFuturistics works. Only time will tell…

Additional Endgame Links

In the meantime, here are a few interesting links that are somehow related to the game.

First, back in July, documents were released leading up to Endgame. The redacted documents were posted on Google+ here(These have since been removed.) 

The message originated from a this video, which was posted by a guy (Greg Jordan) who also has more “official” videos used by the Endgame ARG. So I would put some stock in finding interesting tidbits from these guys.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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