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House Finally Posts Link for UFO Hearing: Where & When to Watch Online

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Next week is going to be big for UFO enthusiasts. The House Oversight Committee will finally be holding its long-awaited UFO hearing. This is the first Congressional hearing since David Grusch made his whistleblower allegations that the United States has a secret UAP retrieval and reverse-engineering program. The House has just released a link for watching the hearing, along with an officially confirmed date and time. We have all the details, and an embedded video to the hearing, in the story below. 

To review a comprehensive, in-depth breakdown of all of Grusch’s claims, with citations, see our story here. To read the full 64-page UAP declassification bill, see our story here. We’ll be sharing all our latest UAP articles in our UFO Discord channel, so join us there or subscribe to our emails. 

The UFO Hearing Is Scheduled for July 26 at 10 a.m. Eastern 

The GOP Oversight YouTube channel has just added the UFO hearing to its official upcoming live stream schedule. We can finally all be assured that the hearing is, indeed, happening. 

We’ve embedded the video where the hearing will be streamed below. If you want, you can simply bookmark this article and come back on July 26 to watch. 

The hearing is being held by the Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs Hearing. 

In other time zones, the hearing will be at 10 a.m. Eastern/9 am. Central/8 a.m. Pacific. You’ll definitely want to set your alarm if you’re not normally online at that time. 

We’ve been eagerly watching the GOP Oversight Committee’s YouTube channel, waiting for them to add the streaming link ever since the hearing was tentatively announced. A different subcommittee hearing on the same day has been on the YouTube channel for two days. This one was just added this evening on Wednesday, July 19. 

GOP Oversight Committee YouTube Channel
GOP Oversight Committee YouTube Channel

If you go to the video, you can also click “Notify me” so you don’t miss it. Interestingly, this is a subcommittee hearing rather than a full committee hearing. 

David Grusch Will Be Testifying, Sources Said

Ask a Pol reported that David Grusch will be one of the witnesses testifying at the hearing. 

Rep. Tim Burchett said about the hearing: “They tried to block it—staff tried to block it. Everybody tried to block it. That’s not the job of staff of the so-called intelligence community. It’s the job of the committee.”

He continued: “Also, the Pentagon has flexed their muscle. We’ve lost a witness because of that, and NASA has backed down. And they blocked my amendment, which basically says if there are any, then they oughta come forward with information and they say there’s not any but they’re blocking my amendment.” 

According to a Reddit thread, Burchett will be hosting a press conference at 9 a.m. on July 20 to share the official witness list. 

As Post Apocalyptic Media previously reported, Ross Coulthart, who interviewed Grusch for News Nation, has said that there are plans for “possibly three other witnesses to testify.” He also shared that if asked, Grusch will be able to provide evidence and possibly names of people who were allegedly murdered to cover up the UAP retrieval program. 

Sen. Marco Rubio has hinted that witnesses are scared, as Post Apocalyptic Media previously reported. He said he’s talked to a number of people with firsthand accounts that back up Grusch’s claims. 

“Some are public figures, you know, and we’ve heard from them in the past,” Rubio told NewsNation. “Others, umm, you know, have not shared publicly… And the reason why I’m being cautious, I’m not trying to be evasive, but I am trying to be protective of these people. Some of these people still work in the government. And frankly a lot of them are very fearful: fearful of their jobs, fearful of their clearances, fearful of their career, and some frankly are fearful of harm coming to them.” 

This has been a big week for UFO news, as Sen. Chuck Schumer also introduced a 64-page UAP bill to declassify UFOs. You can read the bill in full in our article here.

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