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Congress Scheduling UFO Hearing ‘About Aliens,’ But Some Want to Stop It

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The House Oversight Committee has tentatively scheduled its UFO hearing, which one congressional representative bluntly said is “about aliens.” But there has been pushback and some want to stop the hearing, other sources have noted. 

The hearings come in the wake of allegations by whistleblower David Grusch, noting that firthand witnesses told him the United States has a secret UAP retrieval and backward-engineering program. The program, Grusch alleged, is being kept secret from AARO, the congressional task force that is supposed to be researching UAP sightings. 

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The House Hearing Will Take Place in Late July

The long-awaited House Oversight Committee hearing on UFOs will take place in the last week of July, Politico reported. While it’s not officially on the schedule yet, this is the planned date for the hearing. Comer’s spokesperson also confirmed it would likely happen at the end of July. 

Rep. Tim Burchett told Politico: “That’s what it is about: aliens. … I think people deserve to know.”

Screenshot of Burchett interview with NewsNation
Screenshot of Burchett interview with NewsNation

It was Burchett who wrote an amendment which the House just passed that would declassify certain UAP sightings, with a few major limitations

Burchett will be leading the hearing alongside Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, Politico reported. Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Oversight Chair James Comer have also signed off on the hearing. 

In a separate interview with NewsNation, Burchett said there’s compelling evidence of UFOs that needs to be released to the public. This includes firsthand reports from the military. 

“There are multiple occasions that I’ve talked to multiple pilots — the best pilots in the world,” he said. “If you talk to some of the best pilots in the world, and they tell you that they’ve seen these objects, and then when they do report it, they get interrogated for like up to eight hours, and they get a blemish on the record.” 

The pilots said they had destroyed their video evidence in order to avoid being interrogated. 

“Why would they lie about it? Honestly, all they’re going to do is catch hell from their superiors,” Burchett said. 

He added: “Just release the files. Release the unredacted files.” 

Some Witnesses in the Hearing Will Be From Previous Administrations, Both Democrat & Republican

In an interview with Ask a Pol, Luna said she has high hopes for the hearing and they have “great” witnesses. 

“So we’re working on finalizing a date, but it’s definitely happening,” Luna said. “We have a lot of support, and we have some great witnesses. And I can’t share the witnesses, yet…  You guys will see those names as soon as it becomes public information… But the people that we’re bringing in have worked in previous administrations—Democrat, Republican. And, yeah, that’s all I’m gonna give.” 

They’ll Also Be Sharing Information From Project Blue Book

The focus, Luna told Ask a Pol, is getting the information to the American people. 

“What we’re focusing on is, one, getting the information out to the American people,” Luna said. “Clearly, this is a big galaxy that we live in and that there is very likely technology that we are unaware of where it’s come from—and so, does this pose a national security threat?”

She added that they’ll be pulling archived information from the Air Force’s Project Blue Book and sharing that with the public too. 

Luna added: “It’s important that instead of trying to make this conspiratorial and poo-pooing it, that people are actually understanding that it’s very likely that there’s other life forms out there and that we’re not alone in this universe and that we can address these things with a scientific mindset.”

Some Are Pushing Back & Trying to Stop the Hearing

Unfortunately, some are already pushing back and trying to stop the hearing, sources told Politico

Burchett told Politico that the Department of Defense is pushing back on the hearing. 

An anonymous member of the Oversight Committee told Politico “there are some people who want to stop it (the hearing).” 

“Some don’t want to do it at this time right now, think it is a bad idea,” they told Politico. “(They are concerned) people will run wild with it.” 

However, a different staff member of the Oversight Committee, also speaking anonymously, disagreed and told Politico there was no pushback from the staff.  

Meanwhile, more details are trickling out. A journalist has said that an aerospace company may be trying to divest itself of a UFO. And Sen. Marco Rubio said some people who signed NDAs related to UAPs are fearful that violating those could mean death. And a major archive of past UFO encounters is expected to be released on June 14, 2024

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