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Recent UFO Disclosure Might Shed Light on Skinwalker Ranch Mystery

Skinwalker Ranch Season 4 Episode 1 (History)

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In mid-June, Dr. Steven Greer held a UFO disclosure press conference where witnesses spoke of different alleged UFO or alien encounters. One of the stories that re-surfaced during the press conference might possibly shed light on Skinwalker Ranch’s mysteries, if true. Greer shared a story about a rumored underground base in Utah’s Dugway Proving Ground that allegedly held an extraterresterial vehicle. This story has been circulating for a long time, but came back to light during the press conference. Meanwhile, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch television show has at times alluded to the idea of an underground UFO on their Utah property. Is there a connection or is it all just hearsay and coincidence? 

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Dugway Proving Ground Has Long Been the Source of Underground UFO Rumors

During the June UFO disclosure event, Greer spoke of an unnamed witness known only as “M.S.” who is a “top-secret contractor” who worked at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. The story starts around 17 minutes into the video of the disclosure event. It’s important to note that this story Greer shared is disputed and unproven, although it does match rumors that have circulated for some time. The potential connections between these rumors and Skinwalker Ranch are too interesting to not make note of and file away for future reference.

“This was a guy who was at the Dugway Proving Grounds…” Greer said during the disclosure event. “He was a worker for C Martin Corporation, (a) contractor, and he was in a facility that had an extraterrestrial vehicle that … was being studied by scientists. He noticed a chief scientist involved, he has named that individual to us, and they can all be subpoenaed now. So this object was there in 2009. He didn’t know the date of acquisition but he thought it was fairly recent…” 

Greer continued: “He also was read into and had the chief scientist show him the location which we now have, of a DUM, deep underground military base, that is the dugway sector — so-called Avery sector — and it has huge capacity for parking. You go in and it was a vast underground complex in that location. That location has been handed off to investigators with the U.S. government.”

Screenshot from Greer's disclosure event
Screenshot from Greer’s disclosure event

“This gives an illustration of the size of this,” Greer said, while showing illustrations. “You could put easily on the platform that goes down the Air Force One. It’s a very large elevator, goes down underground.”

Screenshot from Greer's disclosure event
Screenshot from Greer’s disclosure event

Of course, we have to note once again that there is no proof to this rumor or this story. The name of the witness “MS” has never been revealed. Photos that aren’t re-enactment illustrations have not been shared. 

But it’s interesting to note that this rumor of an underground UFO base in Utah has circulated for some time, outside of Greer’s stories. 

The Guardian reported on Dugway Proving Ground in 2017, noting that the 800,000 acre facility is where staff “test some of the deadliest biological and chemical agents on Earth.” The area is restricted and deadly force is authorized against anyone who breaches the area. 

At one point, Dugway Proving Ground was rumored to be a “new Area 51,” Utah Stories reported in 2018. The reporter, Richard Markosian, said he and a friend went there to meet with Dugway’s PR representative, but he was denied entry because of an unpaid driving ticket and his friend was denied because he wasn’t an American citizen.

The base is operated in part by the Army and in part by the Air Force, Utah Stories reported. The Air Force side has been expanded since 2004. The reporter noted that there were a lot of rumors about reverse engineering UFO technology, including from Dr. Ben Rich (former Lockheed Martin CEO), Don Phillips (Lockheed engineer), and Edgar Mitchell. Local residents have also said they’ve seen strange things at the Dugway Proving Ground that might be UFOs or test craft. 

In 2005, Deseret News reported about Dugway’s mysterious expansion, questioning whether it was to obtain land contaminated with chemical weapons or to keep UFO groups farther away from the base. Deseret News sent a FOIA request to Dugway regarding the base’s expansion and was told: “we must withhold the documents in their entirety under Exemption 5 of the FOIA. All of the documents found responsive to your request are predecisional and deliberative in nature.” 

In 2022, KSL reported that Utah had been home to more than 1,000 UFO sightings. 

Skinwalker Ranch, Rumored to Possibly Have Underground UFO Tech, Is 200 Miles from Dugway Proving Ground

Skinwalker Ranch, home of the popular series The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, is located approximately 200 miles from Dugway Proving Ground, according to Google Maps. So it certainly isn’t next door to the mysterious base, making it unlikely there would be a literal tunnel connecting the two. But it could be part of a pattern of activity in Utah, perhaps pointing to a series of underground bunkers? 

Skinwalker Ranch has a long, storied history. The Sherman family owned the ranch in the 1990s, but ended up selling it after a series of strange encounters spooked them, reported

Colm Kelleher and George Knapp authored a book in 2005, “Hunt for the Skinwalker,” that detailed some of the strange sightings, including vanished or mutilated cattle, UFO sights, orbs, and strange magnetic fields. Robert Bigelow purchased the ranch in 1996 and worked with the government on investigating claims, which are still classified, according to The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. 

Brandon Fugal now owns the property, and has a team conducting a series of experiments on the ranch for the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch TV show. Those experiments have been fascinating and scientifically based, pointing to strange electric and magnetic fields, orb and UFO sightings, and other encounters. 

One of the popular theories raised on the series is the possibility of a UFO or UFO tech buried somewhere on the property, causing the strange phenomenon. They’ve discovered rocks with strange elemental properties when digging, along with encountering some type of object underground that was too strong for a drill to go through. (There’s also a fascinating theory about wormholes, which might match a strange time shift noted in one of the most recent episodes.) The show provides in-depth data to back up these hypotheses, and this article is just skimming the surface of what was noted.  

A new series called Beyond Skinwalker Ranch recently investigated another property previously owned by Bigelow: Mt. Wilson Ranch. They noted some unusual electronic signatures that pointed to the possibility of underground caverns. Unfortunately, a blizzard prevented them from investigating further. 

Is it possible that so many similar experiences and rumors might point to a shared grain of truth? Could there be some type of buried, underground tech (whether otherworldly or domestic) that is located in various parts of Utah? 

At this point, there are no definitive answers. But the similarity of the rumors is certainly intriguing. What do you think? 

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