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Was an Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Trailer Released & Deleted?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 trailer (Funimation)

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Did you miss an Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 trailer? Many fans got a notification that led them to believe an AoT Season 4 Part 3 trailer was posted on YouTube and then taken down. Unfortunately, what actually happened is likely a little less exciting than that. Here’s an in-depth look of what went on and what we think was actually happening behind-the-scenes. 

An Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Trailer Notification Left Fans Confused

You’re not alone if you thought Attack on Titan posted a Season 4 Part 3 trailer recently.

People subscribed to AnimeHype got the following notification from YouTube which read, “Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Trailer.” 


But then when they went to follow up on the notification, the trailer was gone.

On Reddit, one person asked if this meant a new trailer was being released soon.

Unfortunately, what actually happened is likely a little less than exciting. It looks like the Anime Hype YouTube account may have loaded a new trailer for the BluRay collection but gave it the wrong name. A trailer was released today for Attack on Titan’s Blu-Ray Season 4 Volume 3. It looks like at least one YouTube account mistakenly wrote this as Season 4 Part 3, rather than Season 4 Volume 3.

Another Reddit thread talked about the same thing.

However, in that thread, one person said they actually watched 10 seconds of the trailer before it was taken down and thought it contained new footage. But they also noted, “I’m not a huge fan of the series so I couldn’t remember much. also I did see Armin.” So it’s really not clear if the video contained any new footage or not.

Interestingly, AnimeHype’s YouTube uploads don’t currently include the Blu-Ray announcement either. If that was there, we could more assuredly say that it was likely a mistaken title.

Another Reddit thread here mentions that it was up for about 30 seconds before it was deleted.  But in that thread, one viewer wrote, “i only got to see like 40 seconds. it didn’t appear to have anything new.” So we have one person saying the trailer contained new footage and one person saying it didn’t contain any new footage. 

In the same conversation, another person speculated: “I think they mistook the announcement for the 3rd DVD for the final season part 3. I was confused too.” 

That’s the explanation we’re going with. 

Pony Canyon Posted the Blu-Ray Volume 3 Trailer

Pony Canyon has the Blu-Ray trailer posted, which we’re guessing is what that now-deleted notification was supposed to be talking about. We also have a cover for the Volume 3 Blu-Ray: 

It looks like the Season 4 Part 3 Blu-Ray will go on sale July 20. It’s confusing because you might think this aligns with *the* Season 4 Part 3 of the anime, but we’re technically talking about two different things. Two sets of Blu-Rays were released for Season 4 Part 1 (technically Volumes 1 and 2), so that means Season 4 Part 2 will also have two sets of Blu-Rays (technically Volumes 3 and 4.) 

This could also explain why someone would see a Season 4 Part 3 (aka Season 4 Volume 3) Blu-Ray announcement and think it was a trailer for the Season 4 Part 3. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for that trailer, and it might take some time. 

We also checked the official Attack on Titan website, and a trailer has not been posted there either. 

A teaser trailer for Season 4 Part 3 was already released. You can see it on our story here.

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