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Premiere Date Announced for The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5

The Handmaid's Tale season 5

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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 finally has a premiere date and episode titles. These new developments are welcome news to fans, who have been waiting a long time to get any concrete information about Season 5. Prior to this, the only thing we knew was that Alexis Bledel was not returning as Emily. Here are all the new details released so far. 

The New Season Premieres in September

According to a post shared by Hulu’s official social media account, The Handmaid’s Tale will premiere on Wednesday, September 14. It will air on Hulu. 

This year, we’ll get two episodes dropped on September 14. (For Season 4, the first three episodes were dropped for the April 2021 premiere, but this year it will just be two episodes.) The episodes will probably drop at 12 a.m. Eastern on September 14, which means people in the Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones can technically start watching later at night on September 13. After that, we’ll get one episode every week. 

In a Reddit discussion, one fan mentioned that this might be the perfect time to binge the previous seasons and get caught up. If you want to finish in time for the premiere, watching a new episode every other day will ensure you complete watching the previous four seasons in time. If you want to watch one episode a day, you’ll want to start by July 30 in order to complete your binge-watch in time. 

Season 5 Episode Titles & a Season Synopsis

According to EW, the Season 5 synopsis reads as follows: “June faces consequences for killing Commander Waterford while struggling to redefine her identity and purpose. The widowed Serena attempts to raise her profile in Toronto as Gilead’s influence creeps into Canada. Commander Lawrence works with Aunt Lydia as he tries to reform Gilead and rise in power. June, Luke and Moira fight Gilead from a distance as they continue their mission to save and reunite with Hannah.” 

Handmaid’s Brasil has already released the episode titles. According to our calculations, the finale will air on November 9. This is based on the idea that Hulu will be releasing each episode weekly after the first two drop, without a hiatus at any point in time or any week where more than one episode drops after the premiere. In other words, this tentative schedule is subject to change.

Things are moving fast. Screeners of the first two episodes have already been sent to some people in the media. 

When someone asked if it was good, he simply replied, “I’m afraid I’m not allowed to disclose that just yet.” 

The new season is releasing a lot later than it did in 2021. Season 4 premiered in April and was already over by this point. This year fans are having to wait until the fall to see the new season. But at l east that gives us something to look forward to! 

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