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Adventure Time Astral Plane – An In-Depth Analysis

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The Adventure Time Astral Plane episode had soooo much depth on so many levels! From “getting high” euphemism to the deeper meaning of life, this post will look at it all. [SPOILERS up through Astral Plane!]

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Adventure Time Astral Plane Discussion
(Cartoon Network)

How Was Adventure Time Astral Plane Hinting About Getting High?

Here are just a few examples. Add a comment if I missed any!

  • When Jake put out the campfire, it mimicked the motion of putting out a joint. 
  • While Finn was floating through space, he said “I’m so highhhhh…… up.”
  • His random stream-of-consciousness was similar to a high person.
  • When Finn just left the campsite and started floating, he said it must have been the “can of beans” he just ate. Random food choice for the writers, unless they were looking for something that sounded like “cannabis.”

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Glob is Dead

Soooo…. Didn’t see that coming. They say this is a kid’s show, but then they kill Glob! Or, more accurately, Glob sacrifice himself so his creation could live. I think this will have lasting repercussions in the Adventure Time universe. When Finn woke up, he said “Oh my blood!” instead of his typical “Oh my Glob!”, because Glob is dead. And even his dad said “Oh blob….” instead of “Oh Glob.”

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In case you forgot, the Globs are Magic Man’s older brother! (If you forgot, you probably wondered why the people on Mars working with Glob kinda looked like Magic Man. It’s because they are all Martians!) Does this mean Magic Man will gain more power now that his brothers are dead?

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Which leads me to a question…

Who is the “God” of Adventure Time?

Viewers are making a huge deal out of “Glob” being dead, but is the real “god” of the Adventure Time universe? The four-deity Glob is indeed super important in the Adventure Time world. They live on Mars and some people “transcend” to Glob World when they die (according to Jake.) Some characters worship Glob. So maybe Glob is the God of Mars, but not of Earth? Glob did die to save Mars, not Earth.

Strangely, Abraham Lincoln (before he sacrificed himself for Finn), seemed to be more of a deity on Mars than Glob. He was the king of Mars and was immortal.

We also have Prismo, who seemed to be more deity-like until we figured out his origins. But even then, he can transcend time and space, so he’s still a contender.

Then there’s Cosmic Owl, who shows up in Croak dreams, visits with Prismo in the “outside of space and time” locale, and can be part of premonitions. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Finn’s connection to the comet and his special superhuman abilities

In last week’s post, we theorized that Finn had some connection to the comet. Every 1,000 years, the comet reincarnates itself and heads to Earth with a catalyst for change. In Evergreen, that catalyst was the comet’s destruction of the dinosaurs. We can theorize that the Mushroom War, which was almost 1,000 years ago, was the “reincarnated version” of the comet for that time period. (or the comet hit during the mushroom war, which I’ll talk about in the next post.) The radioactive goo (perhaps the same element of slime that we saw in Evergreen) was reintroduced to the world, returning us to an Earth world by the four main elements: ice, fire, slime and candy.

Finn has seen himself as a blue comet in a former life:

Finn's previous life as a comet
(Adventure Time/Cartoon Network)

Now a blue comet is hurtling toward Earth and its progression pulled Finn into an astral projection state. This is because the comet is actually a starship (the Star Skipper) piloted by his crazy dad, who may be this thousand year’s new catalyst of change… I think Finn’s dad is the agent of change, and the Star Skipper’s comet core is the reincarnated version of the Catalyst Comet. What do you think?

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Does Finn have latent super powers?

We can surmise that Finn’s emotional connection to his dad is what caused the astral projection. But what if Finn simply has powers himself, powers that are activated in the presence of strong emotion? For example, here are a few supernatural things he’s done:

  • Built a tower with telekinesis
  • Astral projection
  • Folded space time around himself to make a sword
  • Experiences past lives
  • Summon butterflies through meditation
  • Came back from the dead (maybe)

So what do you think? Is Finn just a human or actual a divine, powerful being? Could his purpose be to war with the Lich, kind of like Goliad’s purpose?  Recall, when he wakes up, he says “Oh my blood” now that Glob is dead. So does this confirm that he is or will become some type of deity being?

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The meaning of life

Sure, this is heralded as a kid’s show, but I think we all know by now that it’s soooo much more than that! Finn “discovered” that birth is the ultimate creative act. And after that, isn’t everything just worthless, he surmises? We can’t top that act, so what’s the point, especially if we’ll all eventually drift away anyway? (Like Marceline’s song talked about.)

Here are the lyrics to Marceline’s song, in case you didn’t catch it:

What can I do?
Time will unbind our memory glue,
And I’ll be as nobody-ish as all of you.
So don’t care about a thing now,
Like a trash bag when it’s windy out,
Like a butt that has a face,
Dutch boxing up the palace.
Yeah girl it stinks…

(Kinda reminds me of Ecclesiastes, one of the most depressing books ever written.)

But despite this existential crisis, Finn argues to Glob that creation is worthless if you don’t protect it, leading to Glob’s sacrificial decision. Finn returns from his astral travel to tell Jake: “Let’s go help Bounce House Princess.” He’s not going to think things are meaningless. He still finds meaning in helping people.

Bonus Thought: Why does Mars have Missiles?

Starman mentions several times: Why do we have missiles? And no one answers. But recall, we’ve been told before that there were alien ships during the Rainicorn-Dog wars. So those missiles must exist to protect Mars from alien ships… Maybe these will play a role in a future season.

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