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Adventure Time Orgalorg: The Truth About Gunther, Betty & Sweet Pea

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After watching Adventure Time Orgalorg, I just have one thing to say: This is NOT just a children’s cartoon, folks! 🙂

Anyone who claims this show isn’t deep or is just a mindless kid’s show doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about… The last few episodes have been crazy and this one… This one… We’re going to dig in deep for this one folks. It’s going to be a long post. Remember, you can highlight anything and share it automatically on FB or Twitter!

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Adventure Time Orgalorg
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Remember: HUGE spoilers if you haven’t seen Orgalorg yet! You’ve been warned!

First off, did that episode BLOW YOU AWAY? I mean, I’m pretty sure my mouth was hanging open from the moment the brains entered the scene. OH MY GLOB.


About That Cake

I think it’s funny how Adventure Time can completely mess with our emotions. It was a lighthearted, super funny episode for quite awhile and started out all innocent. Oh, I had no idea what was waiting for me!

Ice King Eating Cheesecake
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The scene were Ice King was eating cheesecake and Gunther got so mad reminded me of my husband and me. My husband eats sweets soooooo slooooooooooooow. It drives me crazy! I’ll eat two chocolate chip cookies in a normal amount of time, and he’ll still be eating the first chocolate chip. Just like Ice King, he will literally cut the cookie into tiny pieces and torture me with how slowly he eats it. We were laughing so hard because their interactions were so much like us. 😀 Little did I know how quickly THAT was going to end! :-/

A Note About Lumpy Space Princess

As Reddit user “rocknin” said in this thread, the irony about LSP is heavy in this episode. Yesterday, we were all REALLY worried that she was going to awaken an ancient cosmic evil in Sweet Pea. But instead, she awakened a totally different ancient cosmic evil the very next episode!

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What We Now Know About Gunther

(Note: I’m no longer sure if Gunther’s a he or a she (despite giving birth to that cat), so I’m just going to refer to him as “he.”)

When Gunther just stood there and let himself get attacked, that was weird enough. But then all of a sudden he was walking around with his brains sticking out and… Oh my gosh, my stomach DROPPED at that point…

And then … he started cutting weird shapes… Having weird visions… Then exhibiting crazy powers and communicating with another planet!

OK, let’s sum Gunther up in a nutshell. (Well, not just a nutshell. We know so much about him now, this is gonna get a little long!)

Orgalorg vs. Glob
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Gunther is Orgalorg, an ancient cosmic entity who ruled a solar system. Note the key point here: He only ruled ONE solar system. So that means, he’s not as powerful as, say, Prismo. Right?

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He was known as the “Breaker of Worlds.” This is why Gunther is always wanting to break glasses and other things!

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He wanted to merge with the Catalyst Comet and THIS (not destroying worlds) was what caused the King of Mars to decide he was overstepping.

Glob was able to easily overcome him. (But was that only because Glob had that crazy powerful sword?)

Orgalorg was cast down to Earth, where he lost his powers, lost his memory, and morphed into Gunther. GUNTHER has been living on Earth since before humans even existed!!!

But don’t forget: We also know that Gunther is part of the Crown’s curse. He has the name Gunther because the little dinosaur with Evergreen was named Gunther. The crown is always recreating caricatures of what happened when the first catalyst comet was threatening Earth.

Gunther and His Pull Between Good and Evil

“Gunther” is good, but the being within him is evil. Do you agree? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Gunther was pretty much a good guy the whole time he lived on Earth. And now Ice King loves him. Awwwww. 😀

Gunther has a magical cat as a child. (Never quite got that one, haha.) And he treats that cat well and lovingly.

Meanwhile, back in Season 2, Hunson Abadeer (Marceline’s dad) told Gunther that he was the most evil creature Hunson had ever met. At the time, we all wondered what the heck Gunther could possibly be. Now we know.

Other creatures are TERRIFIED of Orgalorg. Just as terrified as our people on Earth are of the Lich. Orgalorg also outsmarted Cosmic Owl and set a curse on Candy Kingdom and Princess Bubblegum. Gunther, when he was able to speak in dream form, said he didn’t know why he felt drawn to do those things — including, for some reason, wanting Princess Bubblegum GONE.

We can be assured that Gunther does NOT want to be Orgalog. He’s fighting it. Who do you think will win?

The Setup for the Last Three Episodes: The Major Players

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It looks like we are heading for a big SHOWDOWN of big bads and heroes. Here’s the lineup and an analysis of each. Did I miss anything? Leave a comment below!

The Catalyst Comet

As we learned in Sweetpea’s episode… The comet is coming to Earth. Finn’s Dad was just a fake comet. It seems like the comet may bring an “entity” with it. In Evergreen, it seemed like it brought a Lich essence. And we also saw that Finn was a comet in a previous life. So who will this one be?

It also has magical, communicative powers. It’s communicated with Gunther AND Finn so far. So maybe it has to “combine” with someone before it takes on a good or evil essence. I think the Finnale will be the Lich and Orgalorg wanting the comet, with Finn and others trying to stop them.


He’s an ancient evil entity hiding in a sweet person who does not want to be evil. He also has a bit of the “Ice King crown” curse over him too, so he’s doubly cursed. He used to rule a solar system. He was previously defeated by The King of Mars and Glob, who are both now dead. Uh oh…

(Interesting note: Glob was killed by Finn’s dad’s spaceship. But Glob defeated Orgalorg. Does that make Finn’s dad stronger than Orgalorg? I’m betting Glob’s power came from his sword, otherwise we’ve got a weird twist on our hands…)

The 2 that defeated Orgalorg before are now dead. Uh oh. #AdventureTime Click To Tweet

The Lich/Sweetpea

He’s an ancient evil entity hiding in a sweet person who does not want to be evil. Sheesh, does that sound familiar? The parallels between The Lich and Orgalorg are kind of crazy. BUT, the Lich is likely more powerful. Why?

Sweetpea & Gunther are both sweet personas hiding ancient evils. #AdventureTime Click To Tweet


Well, if you recall, Lich-in-Sweetpea-form once gave a speech (in “Gold Stars”) about ancient monsters from a long time ago… And Orgalorg was in that scene! (Thanks u/tillas/ from Reddit!)

Orgalorg from Long Ago #AdventureTime
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Magic Betty


In the recent “floaties” episode, we saw that Ice King’s Betty gained Magic Man’s powers. And if you recall, Magic Man is POWERFUL. He thought he could take Glob’s place, in fact! Betty had to take on some of his sadness & madness to gain his magic. Does THAT sound familiar? I’m not sure if Betty is crazy or not, but if she is… Then that means that both Magic Man and Ice King became crazy because of their magic.


There’s something special about Finn that hasn’t been fully revealed. He’s been able to astral project on several occasions, including most recently to visit the Catalyst Comet. He has a magic arm. AND he now has a magic sword with his clone’s essence in it. (See this episode review.)

Cosmic Owl

A force for good to help outweigh the forces for evil. Unfortunately, he was outwitted by Orgalorg.


If you recall, Prismo (this second version) is actually clone Jake’s dream. So he’s definitely a force for good. And he is SUPER powerful.


GOLB is a HUGE evil force that may or may not come back into play during the Finnale. Don’t remember him? Here’s a quick reminder:

GOLB #AdventureTime
(Cartoon Network)

GOLB is the creature who ate Magic Man’s wife, Margels (sp?) He’s also the creature that almost devoured Finn when he escaped from Pillow world. We have learned that GOLB is super powerful. They couldn’t save Margels from him. In fact, even Prismo couldn’t bring Margels back. This means that either GOLB is stronger that Prismo (doubtful) or GOLB can erase things from existence, at which point even Prismo couldn’t bring them back.


So… Who do you think will be part of the huge, huge showdown in the Finnale on Friday? And what did you think of the Orgalorg reveal? I’d love to read your comments below. If you think I missed an important point, let me know and I’ll go back and edit it in!

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