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The 100 Recap: Remember Me

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Trying to write The 100 Recap: Remember Me is tough because there were soooooo many great things that happened in this week’s episode. But here are the most important points, along with a few theories that may surprise you. If you see anything you like, just highlight it and you’ll get a choice to share it on Facebook or Twitter!

The 100 Recap "Remember Me"

Abby’s Attempt at Bonding: -5 points

Abby: I killed your dad, Clarke! Let's bond! #bondingfail #the100 Share on X

OK, a lot of people are pretty pissed off at Abby’s attempt to bond with Clarke. I don’t hate Abby like a lot of people do. I like her and I think that Clarke gets her “follow what I know is best, not authority” rebellious nature from her mom. Both can make quite a few mistakes trying to follow their hearts, but it tends to work out in the end.

However, Abby attempting to bond with her daughter over murdering their love interests was just a little (major understatement) misguided.

Abby: “Hey Clarke, I know you’re really upset over being forced to murder Finn so he wouldn’t be tortured. You know what that reminds me of?”

Clarke: “What Mom?”

Abby: “When I ratted out your dad and got him killed.”

Ya, sorry, but that was VERY ill timed. Telling Clarke that she saw similarities between the forced killing of Finn and Clarke’s father’s meaningless death is NOT going to make Clarke feel any better! :-/

Parenting skills: -5 for this choice

Oh, and Abby’s attempt at bonding with Kane? That didn’t go so great either.

Abby: (while watching The Grounders torture Gustus): “We’re just like them.”

Kane: ….???!!!….

Which was my reaction too… Clarke killed Finn because she had to do so to keep him from being tortured. The Grounders torture their own people because it’s part of their tradition for someone who gets out of line. Ya, not just alike.

Umm, Abby, we are NOT just like the Grounders... #The100 #bondingfail Share on X

Clarke’s Role Models

Clarke doesn’t want to use her mom as a role model because her mom kind of got her dad killed. Makes sense. So instead, Clarke’s role models are Anya and Lexa. Ummm…. Not sure that’s a great choice either. I mean, yes, these are two powerful ladies who have survived on the new harsh Earth. But it really wasn’t that long ago when the Grounders were trying to slaughter ALL of Clarke’s people. And when Clarke released Anya, she went all crazy on her at first, trying to turn her into her people and get her killed. Are there any good role models that Clarke could look to right now?

The adults are really shirking their duties

Yes, Clarke and her people lived on Earth for awhile, survived, and learned the ways of the place. But they were pretty decimated by the time the Arkers showed up. Abby comments about how the Grounders are being led by a child and Kane retorts back: “So are we.” Ummm… Shouldn’t this be a SIGN to you Kane? Like, I don’t know, maybe that you should step up and start leading again?

And why is Abby still in charge “technically” anyway? Kane left her in charge until he returned. If she didn’t want to give her position back to him, he should have taken it back by force. The adults on this show are so weak. :-/

The adults on #The100 are weak. That's why Clarke had to step in. @The100Writers Share on X

Ghost Finn did not last long… THANK GOD

I’m glad they aren’t going to drag Ghost Finn out for very long. We don’t need a Rick/Lori ghost repeat for several episodes. Although, it is interesting to think about Clarke leading this group while simultaneously going crazy. The more I saw of Ghost Finn, the more I thought that this little picture I made last year was even MORE true now that Finn’s dead:

Finn: I Found You Clarke - The 100


Finn's an overly attached boyfriend, even from the grave. #The100 Share on X


Clarke renounces love

OK, Clarke following Lexa’s advice about renouncing love is probably not the best idea, considering that the Grounders torture their own people and demand “blood for blood” without even investigating a murder first. These are all things that we should NOT do, not examples to follow.

Yes, Clarke only renounced love to get rid of Ghost Finn. I can understand doing almost anything to get rid of that creepy ghost. But did you see the look on Bellamy’s face when she sent him off?

Clarke: “Bellamy, I decided your idea was a good one. Go be an inside man at Mt. Weather.”

Bellamy: “Great! I knew you’d come around to my idea.”

Clarke: “Yep. I’ve decided you’re expendable. I still think your idea will fail, but if you die it’s OK.”

Bellamy: “…..”

Will Bellarke happen? Was Finn killed to make room for Bellarke? 

First of all, Finn was killed because he was psychotic and slaughtered innocent children. (I’m not saying an innocent tribe, because I’m not so sure if any adult Grounder is actually innocent.) But The 100 Writers addressed the Bellarke question on their Tumblr just yesterday. You can see the complete answer here. Essentially, they said Finn was NOT killed to make way for Bellarke. And although they aren’t ruling that out in the future, Clarke is definitely not thinking about romance right now.

@The100Writers official stance on #Bellarke: Not yet Share on X

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