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Utopia Update: Being Bella and Caltopia

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Welcome to the Utopia Update. If you still feel some withdrawals from the dashing of our hopes and dreams for Fox’s Utopia, fear not. We have some updates on two of your favorite (or most infamous) characters: Bella and Cal. Both actors are starting their own reality shows, of sorts.

But first:

Make sure Fox isn’t still charging you $4.95/month for Utopia! As recently as January 25, some past subscribers to Fox’s Utopia premium viewing channel noticed their credit cards were still being charged for a show that has long been canceled. If you subscribed, check your recent charges and make sure you aren’t one of these unlucky few. (And if you are, leave a comment and let us know, please!)

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Now on to our updates: (If you’d like to skip straight to Cal’s part, click here.)

Being Bella: The New Reality Show

Bella is posting a series of YouTube videos called “Being Bella,” which give a glimpse into her world. She’s also selling paintings on eBay for thousands of dollars. Seriously. If you’re looking for a gift to give a Utopia fan, this might just be it (if you’re rich). Her first in a series of Egret paintings, sold for $1,724 on eBay (wow!)

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Utopia Bella's Egret Painting


The second in the series sold for $2,000. (Dang.) #3 in the series is being auctioned very soon.

If you want to keep track of any items she’s selling on eBay now, click hereWhat Bella’s Selling on eBay.

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If you’d just like to see her YouTube series, here are a couple of them:

Episode 7, My Morning Drink:

And Episode 6: A Farewell to My Best Friend, Duke. She talks about how her dog visited her in a dream before he crossed over to the other side: (yep)

Caltopia: Coming Soon to a Reality Show Near You

If you remember our previous posts about Cal from Utopia, you’ll recall that he was part of a farm commune and every person on the farm called themselves “Cal Efort.” I said in a previous post that he wanted to start his own Utopia experience on a farm that his community rents, and allow members of the public to apply to be part of this farm. He also planned to have live feeds of the farm, similar to  Utopia. (See the post here.)

Well now I have a little more information for you.

Cal’s commune is calling the project a “Living Immersion” (I prefer to call it Caltopia.) It’s a year long project to see if emotionally stable people can live kindly together. (Ummm… ok.) The immersion includes a balanced diet, exercise, and group interaction (nudge, wink, wink.) There are some post-apocalyptic-worthy factors to this documentary/immersion, including learning how to live off the land with firemaking, basket weaving, hide-tanning, and … dance. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

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Cal’s group has a wishlist posted online along with a quiz you to see if you’re quality material for this experiment. Ten men and ten women will begin the experiment on April 15, 2016. (OK, so this has been pushed back a YEAR because it was originally going to start in 2015. And they’re starting it on tax day. Interesting choice…)

The cost is $1,000 per week (!!!!!!!) unless they get enough money through donations, and then they’ll accept poor people too. Originally, Cal said the money would include the pioneers being given the land at the end of the year. The page no longer says this. 🙁 Now it says if you pay $1,000 a week, you’ll get workshops, mentoring, and a deeply-healing experience. Not quite as exciting as getting land.

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Want to apply? 

First, they suggest you take their cultural pioneer quiz (here).  This quiz includes deep questions like “Do you feel discouraged by daily news reports?” (who doesn’t), “Are you lacking inspiration?” (who doesn’t?) etc. etc. If you think you passed these self quizzes, you can apply to join the documentary here. But make sure first that you are both stubborn and can agree to disagree. (Yes, it really lists both.)

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To apply, email Caltopia & answer a few questions, such as confirming that you’re at least 21… (Which begs the question, why is 18 not old enough? Because of alcohol or to avoid any statutory, well you know…) Answer a series of questions in your email, including whether you’re satisfied with life and whether you bathe and brush your teeth regularly (Cal did neither so I’ll leave it up to you what the appropriate response is here…) If you send a picture you’ll get “extra favor” and you’ll get even more  points if you send a video of you singing and doing the jumping jacks. (Really, I’m not making this up.)

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So what do you think? If you apply or get accepted, please please let me know so I can follow your progress. 🙂

If you got all the way through this post, here’s a bonus — a new video of Cal shoveling manure! 😀

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