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Adventure Time Prismo: Surprising reveals & timelines from “Is That You?”

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“Is That You?” is one of my favorite Adventure Time Prismo episodes of all time, and a top favorite Adventure Time episode from this season. Season 6 Episode 19 went all “Interstellar” on us with time travel, crazy origin stories and bizarre time loops. SPOILERS if you haven’t seen the episode! And if you haven’t seen it and really want to (or you want to watch it again), it’s available on Amazon Instant, just click here. 🙂

Adventure Time Prismo Episode with timeline
(Adventure Time/Cartoon Network)

Here are the major secrets and reveals, along with some leading theories. Remember, you can highlight anything in this post and automatically share it on FB or Twitter!

Is Jake actually Prismo?

Think about it… At the very end of the episode, a sleeping Jake morphed into the sleeping old man who was the source of “the original Prismo.” There’s a theory going around that everyone who “sources” Prismo in this way ends up looking like that old man. But that really doesn’t make any sense. Only Jake has the ability to morph into other creatures like that. So either Prismo somehow influenced Jake to morph into the old man or… (and I like this theory much better):

Sleeping Jake is Prismo and always has been. Prismo created a stable time loop in this episode.

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Prismo set up the Time Room so he could implement “Plan B” and come back to life. The whole room was run by a recorded version of himself (an “echo”) and it existed slightly outside of time (or, at least, in a parallel dimension.) If Prismo can create parallel dimensions and jump around in time, along with existing in a room that was shielded from alternate realities, then why wouldn’t Jake’s creation of Prismo somehow complete an “outside of time loop”?

This would explain why they became friends so quickly and why they understand each other so well.

I love Adventure Time because it gives us random possibilities like this that can totally blow my mind.

The Timeline Theories

Warning: This timeline is actually more complicated than watching the episode! This is what I gleaned from a very helpful thread on Reddit.

  • Prismo A has a plan in case he dies
  • Prismo A creates an recording of himself to talk to people in the Time Room
  • Last pickle is eaten, triggering:
  • Jake 1 is transported into the Time Room
  • Jake 1 wanders down the corridor, finds the bed, goes to sleep and Prismo B is born
  •  Finn 1 comes to the Time Room (after re-enacting some memories with Jake in the “real world”)
  • The Prismo Recording finds in the Time Room and tells Finn 1 to wake Jake 1 up
  • Finn 1 wakes up Jake 1 and Prismo B dies
  • Prismo A set up this loop to happen infinitely, with new copies of Finn and Jake coming to the Time Room so Prismo B could keep coming back to life
  • But the only way for Prismo B to stay alive is for Finn to eventually break one of his copy’s loops.
  • Prismo Recording explains this to Finn 2 (or he could be Finn 3, Finn 4, not sure – we’ll call him Finn 2)
  • Finn stops himself from waking Jake up. This “battle” causes one Finn to turn into a sword and one Jake keeps on sleeping.
  • So Prismo B lives on via a sleeping Jake copy. A Finn copy is also in a sword. Meanwhile, a version of Finn and Jake get to return to the real world  and get out of the cycle.
  • Sleeping Jake morphs into the old man… (WHAT?)
  • So now Prismo is alive, Jake is alive and Finn is alive. While we also have a Finn copy in a sword and a Jake copy who is asleep

YES it is confusing! More confusing than Interstellar or Inception. Here’s a helpful diagram that one Redditor made:

Diagram from Reddit of Adventure Time Prismo's rebirth

What do you think of this timeline?

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Finn in Sword Form has appeared once before

Do you remember? It was in the Breeze episode when that humanoid bee was singing to him and then morphed briefly into Princess Bubblegum holding up a sword. That was the Finn-in-Sword-Form sword!  A helpful Redditor pointed it out. Here’s the photo:

Adventure Time Prismo turns Finn into a Sword - but we've seen him before on Breezy

Screencap of Finn's sword in Breezy. Is it also the one from Prismo? Share on X

Here’s the YouTube scene from Breezy:

Adventure Time references Interstellar over and over and… (some Interstellar spoilers in this section) 

So, the alternate dimension room where Finn was walking around and viewing Jake interacting with his old memories is way too much like that room Matthew McConaughey was in during Intersteller, where he got to view old memories and slices of time. Do you think they got the idea from Interstellar?

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