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What Book Was The Blessed One Reading in Halo Episode 1?

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In episode one of the Halo TV series, a human girl called The Blessed One talks with a Prophet named Mercy about the Relic that Master Chief found. According to Variety, her name is Makee, “an orphaned human who was raised by the alien Covenant and shares their contempt for humanity”.  During the conversation, Mercy points out that she studies “a book of human stories” and requests for her to read it to him sometime.

But what is this book that Makee has?

What We Know About the Book

The book is called The Dawn of Angels and it was written by Isaac Lux. This book is not available for purchase on the internet. 

We see the back cover for just a moment, and can read a few words from each line. It appears to be a paragraph about the book, like most book covers would have. It also has markings that look like publishing house markings.

The words on the back that are legible are “love story this”, “(agitation?) and power”, “the strength of”, “bonds of love”, and “hope and love”, and “(dies?)”.

The Evidence

At no point do the characters tell us what the book is, but if you look closely, you can make out the title, the author, and several words on the back cover.

This image clearly shows the title The Dawn of Angels and the Author Isaac Lux in the top right. It’s hard to make out any other words.

But later, we see some other angles – though only fragments of the text.

This image shows several words to the right of her pinky finger. From the top, line one says “story this”, line two says “and power”, line three says “strength of”, line four says “of love”, and line five says “and love”. 

But wait, there’s more!

In this image, we can make out a few more words. Line one now says “love story this”, line two “(agitation?) and power”, line three “the strength of”, line four “bonds of love”, and line five “hope and love”. Perhaps we can make out a word from the sixth line as “dies”.

These are just my own theories, so feel free to correct me in the Facebook group. Not into Facebook? We feel ya man! We also watch the comments section below and we try to keep up with the Post Apocalyptic Discord server as well.


We will be updating this section with good theories as they come up. We are depending on our community to help us figure out just what this book is, or maybe if it has some precedent in the Halo games or the Halo books.

Reddit user Susto believes it is clearly a romance novel by the words on the back cover.

Halopedia says without citation that “Isaac Lux was a human writer of romance stories. He was the author of The Dawn of Angels, a novel that dealt with themes of love, struggle, and hope.”

What do you think? Join us in our Halo Fanatics Facebook group and let us know your thoughts. We’ll update this article as more info becomes available.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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