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Anime Japan 2022: When Is the Attack on Titan Event?

Attack on Titan Special November Event

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If you’re wanting to watch Attack on Titan’s official Anime Japan 2022 event, then you’re not alone. We have no idea whether details about what to expect after the Season 4 Episode 28 finale are going to be included in the panel, but of course we’ll want to pay close attention to find out. So what time and date is the Anime Japan Attack on Titan event? Here are all the details about when it’s happening.

(UPDATE: We have a recap of what happened at Anime Japan 2022 right here.)

The Anime Japan Attack on Titan Event Takes Place Early Sunday Morning/Late Night Saturday in the U.S.

Unfortunately, if you’re wanting to watch Anime Japan’s Attack on Titan event live, you’re going to have to stay up really late. Otherwise, you can catch a recap of what happened later to find out if you missed anything big.

According to Anime Japan’s official schedule, Attack on Titan’s event is taking place on Sunday, March 27, from 17:25 to 18:25. Yes, it’s an hour long! This is twice as long as the 2021 Anime Japan Attack on Titan event, which was just as hyped as this year’s event.

If you’re like us and not very great about translating JST to U.S. time zones, can help. We inputted all the information from Anime Japan’s website, and revealed that in the U.S., the event is starting at 3:25 a.m. Central/4:25 a.m. Eastern/2:25 a.m. Mountain/1:25 a.m. Pacific. You can see the time in major cities all around the world here.

So that might feel a little daunting, unless you’re used to staying up super late.

The event is going to be live-streamed in the video below, but there’s no guarantee that an English translation will be provided.

However, if you don’t feel like staying up super late, you can just come back to this story when you wake up and watch then!

What Is Happening at the Panel?

Here’s how Anime Japan describes the panel: “TV Anime ‘Attack on Titan’ The Final Season Part 2 Special Stage. TV anime ‘Attack on Titan’ being broadcast on NHK General TV The Final Season Part 2 Cast appearance special stage.”

It lists the following performers: “Yuki Kaji, Yui Ishikawa, Marina Inoue, Hiro Shimono, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Ayane Sakura, Chiaki Matsuzawa (MC).”

So we’re not given a lot about what to expect, except that major voice actors will be part of the event.

Last year, a similar event took place at Anime Japan, except they sold tickets for a digital English subtitled stream (which they’re not doing this year.) They also hosted the event for just 30 minutes, versus an hour this year. In addition, the final episode of Season 4 Part 1 aired later that day rather than being delayed a week like it is this year. All of this leaves me thinking we’ll get some kind of bigger announcement during this special event than we did during last year’s. But of course, that’s not guaranteed.

Last year’s event had one major announcement that we reported on, which was the official release date of the DVD/Bluray. But Season 4 Part 2 was announced later that day in a special teaser trailer that didn’t air in the U.S.

Hopefully we’ll get something interesting announced that will tide us over until the new episode airs on April 3.

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