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The 100 Recap: Survival of the Fittest

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The 100 Recap: Survival of the Fittest

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I’m happy to report that we had ZERO new Abby fails in this episode (although we did experience some gorilla fails – wat?) In fact, Abby was conspicuously absent in this episode, but Murphy was here in all his sarcastic glory.

(Cate Cameron/CW)
(Cate Cameron/CW)


 Spoilers below, of course, up to “Survival of the Fittest.”

Jaha is anticlimactically released from prison. 

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In the last episode, Abby and Kane had a very unheated discussion about Jaha’s treatment.  Kane basically just asked, “Hey, shouldn’t we let him out of prison at some point?” And Abby said no.

This made me mad. I mean, seriously. Jaha sacrificed his life for the Arkers. He gave up EVERYTHING for these ungrateful people and survived only because he went temporarily crazy and had to save a hallucinated baby under the direction of his ghost son. Then he’s kidnapped, dragged around, beaten, and finally finds his way back home. Only to be PUT IN PRISON WITHOUT ANY OBJECTION FROM ANYONE.

It pretty much went like this:

Jaha: (Stumbling into “Camp Jaha” named so poignantly after him and his sacrifice) Hey guys!!! Guess what? I’m alive! I made it after all!

Arkers: Whhaaaaaat? Heyyyy! (I’m thinking Adventure Time Evergreen style for those who watch that show too…) 

Jaha: I see you named the camp after me… 🙂 Gosh, I love you guys…

Abby: Your survival is a big inconvenience. Guess I’m gonna chain you up for the rest of the show.

Jaha: Isn’t anyone going to protest this?

Soooo…. Abby stuck him in prison and at some point in time, off camera, they let him out. He sees there’s a temporary truce with the Grounders and, quite understandably, makes a break for it to escape Crazy Abby.

Jaha is pretty much now our Moses character, and I like it. I hope the City of Lights is real and Jaha saves the day, again, by finding it with Murphy and his band of merry men. Jaha’s smart enough to know the Grounders just tried to slaughter his people a few days ago, so he might as well look for a different solution…

Planet of the Apes (aka Planet of Disappointment) 

Was anyone else seriously disappointed by the rabid/steroid-hyped gorilla? After Season 1, when we were introduced to a mutant deer and a giant mutant eel, I was expecting … well … more. At the very least, a giant mutated ape with two heads or something. Instead, we just got a regular gorilla  who’s extra hyped up. 🙁

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Who’s Gonna be Reincarnated when Lexa Dies?

Please don’t hate me, but we all know Lexa is only going to be here temporarily. She and Clarke wouldn’t have chatted about Lexa’s spirit choosing a new leader if it wasn’t going to happen at some point. Who do you think her spirit will choose to lead the Grounders? Take the poll below if you dare!

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By the way, did you not LOVE Clarke’s response when Lexa said their spirits would be fine when they died? “Not yet! Not while I’m around!” (paraphrased) And when Lexa asked how the Sky People choose their leaders… How would Clarke have answers if the ape hadn’t reappeared?

“Well… The adults sit around and do nothing, and I typically have to step in and fix things.”

Octavia of the Sky People –> Octavia of the Grounders

Octavia is definitely living with one foot in the Sky People world and one foot in the Grounders world. She’s one of my favorite characters right now, and I think she’ll eventually grow to surpass Clarke in bad-assery, especially now that she’s being trained by Lexa’s Second. Yes, her fight with the Grounder was sad and pathetic (I was realllllyyyy hoping Lincoln had at least taught her something about fighting.) But she had the guts to give it a try, which is something none of the adults would do.

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Octavia’s a Grounder at heart. She didn’t bond with the Arkers because she had to stay hidden from her birth onward. She never really developed an identity of her own until she hit the ground. That’s why I think Octavia will be chosen by Lexa’s spirit and she’ll eventually be the Grounders’ leader, resulting in a big alliance between the Grounders and The Sky People. Then they’ll go to war with the Ice Nation and Jaha will come and save them all. You heard it hear first! 😉

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Thanks for Nothing, Lincoln

Lincoln, whyyyyyyy? He and Bellamy hatched a plan, Lincoln was supposed to create a diversion so Bellamy could sneak in… But instead, he took a hit of the red drug and let Bellamy get taken in chains. :-/ That’s not going to help anybody very much!

But I think Lincoln will pull himself out of this and come help Bellamy at the last possible minute, saving our troop from toxic gas.

By the way, here’s a shot from the writers’ board about the episode. Check out the last index card on the far, bottom right. It’s very telling about this scene…

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