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Imminent UFO Hearings May Disclose Long-Hidden UAP Secrets to Congress

The SCIFs are finally happening. Pictures is an illustration of what a UFO might look like. (Canva)

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Two groundbreaking Congressional UFO hearings are about to happen. On Thursday, October 26, select members of Congress are finally getting a secure hearing with the Inspector General of the Department of Defense about UFO whistleblower David Grusch’s claims. Then on November 16, they’re getting another secure hearing with the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community. This is significant because the SCIFs are intended to go over the evidence shared by Grusch alleging that the U.S. has a secret UAP retrieval and reverse engineering program. For some time, his evidence has not been available for these Congressional members to review. 

SCIF is short for “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.” It refers to a room or installation that meets the Director of National Intelligence’s security standards for discussing sensitive, classified information. This is the only place where highly classified information, such as Grusch’s evidence, can be shared. During the July House hearing, Grusch said several times that he had more details that he could only share in a SCIF. 

Here’s a look at exactly when these meetings are taking place and why they are so important. 

UPDATE: To see what happened in the first SCIF, see our new story here.

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The Classified Meetings Will Evaluate Grusch’s Claims & Evidence

The historic, classified meetings will be evaluating Grusch’s claims and evidence, shared Joe Khalil of NewsNation.

Rep. Tim Burchett revealed on X (formerly known as Twitter) that the first meeting, taking place on Thursday morning at 9 a.m. Eastern, will involve the Department of Defense Inspector General, Robert Storch.

The second meeting on November 16 will review evidence from the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (ICIG), Thomas A. Monheim. 

Burchett tweet about the SCIFs
Burchett tweet about the SCIFs

The congressional members confirmed to be in the SCIF on October 26 include Rep. Robert Garcia, Rep. Moskowitz, Rep. Tim Burchett, and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna. 

When Khalil tweeted that Burchett and Luna would both be in the SCIF, Rep. Garcia responded that he would be there too. In a separate tweet, he wrote: “I’m serious about investigating UAPs in a manner that focuses on science, transparency, and disclosure. Tomorrow, we will meet in a classified setting to evaluate whistleblower claims and evidence. We will continue to focus on the facts.”

Rep. Garcia on X (formerly Twitter.)
Rep. Garcia on X (formerly Twitter.)

Because the meetings will involve highly classified information, it’s not clear just how much information about the meetings will ultimately be shared with the public. However, it will be worthwhile to follow the congressional members’ social media accounts and public statements, to review their reactions following each of the meetings. The members to follow are Rep. Burchett, Rep. Luna, Rep. Garcia, and Rep. Moskowitz

Grusch Has Previously Given Evidence to Both Inspectors General

While Grusch will not be in either SCIF, the two inspectors general whom he has testified to will be there. Khalil noted that the ICIG’s SCIF is particularly important because Grusch told the House that the ICIG has specific information that Grusch himself can’t share publicly. 

As Post Apocalyptic Media previously reported during an in-depth look at Grusch’s claims, Grusch first provided evidence in July 2021 to the Department of Defense Inspector General, alleging that UAP-related information was being illegally withheld from Congress. He suffered retaliation at his job soon after this, and retained attorney Charles McCullough III, a former Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG), to represent him in filing a statutory whistleblower complaint to the current Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (ICIG), Thomas A. Monheim. 

McCullough filed Grusch’s complaint in May 2022 and Grusch testified, under oath, about what he knew. By July 2022, the ICIG ruled that Grusch’s assertion that information was being inappropriately concealed from Congress was both urgent and credible. Grusch has since said that he interviewed at least 40 people with firsthand knowledge of the UAP program, and provided information about names and locations to the ICIG. 

Post Apocalyptic Media also previously reported that the ICIG is likely investigating Grusch’s claims. The ICIG gave Burchett and several other congressional representatives a letter that, at first glance, made it appear that Monheim was not investigating Grusch. However, our deep dive story revealed that it’s actually quite likely the opposite. You can read the full letter here.

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