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Opening Statements for UFO Witnesses in House Hearing Revealed

UFO witnesses will be testifying about a secret UAP program and UAP sightings. (Pentagon photo via Canva)

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The opening statements for three witnesses testifying at the House’s UFO hearing have just been released. In a 30-minute press conference last week, House members revealed that David Grusch, David Fravor, and Ryan Graves would be testifying at the House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday, July 26, at 10 a.m. Eastern/9 a.m. Central. Now we have the witnesses’ opening statements, which will be given under oath. You can read the statements in full in the story below. 

To review a comprehensive, in-depth breakdown of all of Grusch’s claims, with citations, see our story here. To watch the House hearing live, see our story here with an embedded video. 

David Grusch: ‘I Was Informed, in the Course of My Official Duties, of a Multi-Decade UAP Crash Retrieval and Reverse Engineering Program’

David Grusch gives an interview to Ross Coulthart
Screenshot of David Grusch’s interview with Ross Coulthart on News Nation

Grusch released his full opening and closing statements, which will be given under oath. You can read his full opening and closing statements embedded below, as released by the House Oversight committee

He notes that his testimony is based on information from individuals with a “longstanding track record of legitimacy and service to this country.” He also shares that he was given photos, official documentation, and “classified” oral testimony. 

In his closing statement he notes: “I am driven in this duty by a conviction to expose what I viewed as a grave congressional oversight issue and a potential abuse of executive branch authorities.” 

He continues: “This endeavor was not born out of malice or dissatisfaction, but from an unwavering commitment to truth and transparency, an endeavor rooted in our inherent duty to uphold the United States Constitution, protect the American People, and seek insights into this matter that have the potential to redefine our understanding of the world.” 

Interesting is this part of his statement: “It is my hope that the revelations we unearth through investigations of the Non-Human Reverse Engineering Programs I have reported will act as an ontological (earth-shattering) shock, a catalyst for a global reassessment of our priorities. As we move forward on this path, we might be poised to enable extraordinary technological progress in a future where our civilization surpasses the current state-of-the-art in propulsion, material science, energy production and storage.”

David Fravor: The TicTac He Encountered in 2004 Was ‘Far Superior To Anything’ We ‘Are Looking to Develop in the Next 10+ Years’

Commander David Fravor, who filmed the famous TicTac video in 2004 while flying over the Pacific Ocean, will be another witness. Fravor’s opening statement is embedded below, provided by the House Oversight Committee

Fravor explains that his encounter happened while he was the Commanding Officer of the “World Famous Black Aces” for the Air Force. 

He notes, in part: “We saw a small white Tic Tac shaped object with the longitudinal axis pointing N/S and moving very abruptly over the white water. There were no Rotors, No Rotor wash, or any visible flight control surfaces like wings.”

He recalls: “As we pulled nose onto the object at approximately ½ of a mile with the object just left of our nose, it rapidly accelerated and disappeared right in front of our aircraft. Our wingman, roughly 8,000ft above us, also lost visual. We immediately turned to investigate the white water only to find that it was also gone. As we turned back towards our CAP point, roughly 60 miles east, the air controller let us know that the object had reappeared on the Princeton’s Aegis SPY 1 radar at our CAP point. This Tic Tac Object had just traveled 60 miles in a very short period of time (less than a minute), was far superior in performance to my brandnew F/A-18F and did not operate with any of the known aerodynamic principles that we expect for objects that fly in our atmosphere.”

He adds that the radar tape that revealed the TicTacs were jamming their aircraft’s radar isn’t revealed in the video that the public has seen. 

He notes: “The Tic Tac Object that we engaged in Nov 2004 was far superior to anything that we had at the time, have today, or are looking to develop in the next 10+ years. If we in fact have programs that possess this technology, it needs to have oversight from those people that the citizens of this great country elected to office to represent what is best for the United States and in the best interest of its citizens.”

Ryan Graves

Ryan Graves, a former Navy pilot, had multiple UAP encounters during training flights and warned the Pentagon that these were putting pilots at risk. His opening and closing statements are embedded below, as provided by the House Oversight Committee

Graves was deployed twice as an F-18 pilot and has witnessed advanced UAPs firsthand multiple times, his testimony notes. 

“I can tell you that advanced UAP are a national security and an aviation safety problem,” his statement warns. “It has been more than a decade since my squadron began witnessing advanced UAP demonstrating complex maneuvers on a regular basis, and we still don’t have answers.”

Graves adds: “As we convene here, UAP are in our airspace, but they are grossly underreported. These sightings are not rare or isolated; they are routine.”

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