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UFOs Caught on Video While Biden’s Air Force One Visits LAX

UFOs were spotted flying in the vicinity of Air Force One and they were caught on video. Pictured is an image from Canva.

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UFOs were recently seen flying over the Los Angeles Airport when President Joe Biden was visiting Los Angeles via Air Force One. The UAPs were spotted during a livestream at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and observers are still debating exactly what they saw. Some say they resemble the metallic orbs spotted in other UFO sightings. See the video and learn more below. 

The UAP Was Seen While F35s Were Refueling

The footage was taken on December 10 by the YouTube channel L.A. Flights. USA Today reported that the vijdeo was captured when F-35 jets were patrolling the area near Los Angeles International Airport when Biden was visiting via Air Force One for a fundraiser. The footage shows a KC-10 tanker craft refueling two F-35s in the air when the object is seen three different times. 

Peter Solorzano and Joshua Solorazano were livestreaming and capturing footage at LAX. A video they posted that shows the encounters notes: “Midair refueling over LAX! A couple of F35s refueling several times during the afternoon. Oh, and mysterious objects flying around. UAPs over LAX were seen flying several times when the KC10s performing their loop over LAX. What do you think the shiny sphere (UAP) were?” 

In their video of the encounter, the UAP can be seen at 1:30, 4:38, and 6:58. 

The objects appear to move very quickly. 

One commenter noted: “We live close to lax and have seen these (UAPs?) on a fairly regular basis, especially like #3. Very curious as to what they are. They always ultimately head west and are actually fairly easy to spot.”

LA Flights Live also shared a post on X showing one clip of the orb next to a closeup of it. 

In the replies, another person shared a few more screenshots of the object. 

Other People in the Area Also Saw the Object

The sighting occurred at 10:18 a.m. local time, USA Today noted. During the third sighting, Joshua can be heard commenting, “I’m kind of scared of looking at this,” he said. “I’m not sure what that is, could it be a balloon? I’m thinking balloon.”

Chris Cullari told Daily Mail that he saw the same object that day around 12:30 p.m. local time. He said: “I didn’t see it move. I watched it for about 15 minutes to see if it zipped off or anything and it just floated.”

He said he noticed a helicopter circling around the same time but wasn’t sure if it was related. 

Robert Wood also told Daily Mail that he saw the object too, between 12:30 and 1 p.m. 

“It was a solid white spherical object, traveling north towards Burbank Airport,” Wood said. “… It was moving quite rapidly, not darting, but moving as fast as a plane would appear to move across the sky.” 

Mick West, a UFO skeptic, told Daily Mail that he thought it was a balloon after viewing the footage. 

AARO Has Previously Said That Most Reported UAPs Are Round Spheres

AARO has previously acknowledged that round spheres are among the most common UAP reports that they receive. 

During a May 31 NASA meeting, former AARO director Sean Kirkpatrick debunked some UFO videos, but mentioned that the spheres were not all debunked. 

The Department of Defense and the Director of National Intelligence released AARO’s updated UFO report on the evening of October 18, 2023 (which you can read in this link.) The report contained a new pie chart of sightings, which noted that 25% of UAP morphologies in FY23 were round spheres, compared to 47% being round spheres in the 1996-2023 report. The other categories were smaller, with 2% being rectangular, 1% triangle-shaped, 2% disks, 1% cylinder, and 4% oval. November 2023 UAP report November 2023 UAP report

Interestingly, the chart currently residing on AARO’s website (dated as being through November 21, 2023) says that round spheres account for 34% of reported UAP morphology. You can view that chart above, screenshotted in dark mode. The most typically reported UAPs are round, 1 to 4 meters in size, with a white, silver or translucent color. They are typically traveling stationary to Mach 2, at 10,000 to 30,000-feet altitude. The most typical radio signal is 1 to 3 GHz or 8 to 12 GHz. 

One of those still unexplained objects was a silve,r orb-like object captured by a U.S. drone in the Middle East, which you can view in the video above. 

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