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Stanford Scientist: UFOs May Be Capable of Manipulating What We See

Dr. Garry Nolan shares that UFOs may be able to manipulate our perception. Pictured is a cloud formation that resembles a UFO. (Canva)

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Dr. Garry Nolan, a professor in the Department of Pathology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, recently shared a theory that some of the non-human intelligence (or aliens) that people encounter might actually be capable of manipulating and altering what we can see.

Nolan’s areas of research include cancer, leukemia, autoimmunity, and “computational approaches for network and systems immunology.” He has a PhD from Stanford in genetics and a postdoctoral fellowship from MIT in biochemistry. Nolan is also the founder of a number of biotechnology companies, and was recognized as one of the top 25 inventors at Stanford. He was recently featured in Stanford’s magazine in July 2023 for his UFO research. 

Coulthart Asked Nolan About ‘Slide 9’ & Whehter NHI Can Manipulate Human Perception

In July 2022, Nolan sat down for an interview with journalist Ross Coulthart, who was also the first TV journalist to interview UFO whistleblower David Grusch. The interview was just released by 7 News in mid-December 2023. 

The theory about aliens’ manipulating what we can see came up near the end of the interview, starting at around 1:02:30. 

Coulthart brought up a document called “Slide 9” that was allegedly accidentally left on Chris Mellon’s website. (Mellon is the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. He was also on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.) A British researcher found the document, which was a briefing memo prepared by members of the UFO task force for the Undersecretary of Defense. 

“The key thing about it, is that it advises that whatever the phenomenon is, it’s capable of manipulating human perception, human consciousness,” Coulthart commented. “It can make us see things that aren’t there.” 

Slide 9 periodically comes up in tweets or in Reddit discussions ever since it was first revealed in 2020 in a post on The writer, Jay09784691, said that in 2018 he was researching Mellon’s previous Twitter account, which had a link to his website. He found a “Miscellaneous” section there with a number of AATIP documents. These included slides from an AATIP presentation. The ninth slide was titled “DoD Threat Scenario” and begins: “The science exists for an enemy of the United States to manipulate both physical and cognitive environments in order to penetrate U.S. facilities, influence decision makers, and compromise national security.” 

Here’s a tweet about it. 

Slide 9 described in a tweet
Slide 9 described in a tweet

It’s unclear if Slide 9 and its origins have been authenticated. However, in Episode 2 of Unidentified, Mellon shared a number of AATIP presentation slides that looked similar to the ones found in the blog post (though none were Slide 9.) You can watch a clip from the show in a Reddit post here.

Nolan Shared a Story About a UFO Craft that Altered Perception: ‘It Was Manipulating Vision’

Nolan immediately agreed with Coulthart, saying that he did believe aliens may have the capability of manipulating our perception. 

“I think that’s part of what makes it so difficult to reproduce,” Nolan answered, “is that different people see different things.”

He went on to share an example of a family who saw one thing in person, but the object appeared completely different in a photo they took with their phone.

“The best example of this that I know is a story that Jacques Vallée brought to me of a family in France driving down the highway,” he said. “This was like in the last five to 10 years… They had a glass-topped car. And they look up and they see a UFO, you know, basically paralleling them down the highway. The mother looks around and sees that no other individuals nearby are freaking out about this thing above them. The children in the back take out their cell phones, take a picture of it. They get home and they look at the pictures on their camera and they don’t see an object. They see a little star-shaped thing about 30 so feet above it. And I have the picture. That doesn’t look anything like a drone… I think it has like seven spokes and a central hole of some sort.”

“They saw a giant craft, but the picture shows that there was nothing else there, nobody else could see it. So even if it was an object … that was there, others weren’t capable of seeing it. So it was manipulating vision. So yes is the short answer.”

Throughout the interview, Nolan was clear that he did believe something is being hidden from the public. 

At one point at about 56:51 into the interview, Coulthart asked, “You believe on evidence that there is a non-human intelligence of advanced technology on this planet?”

“Right,” Nolan said. “Advanced capabilities. Now, I don’t know whether it’s a technology per se, because I’m leaving open the idea that it’s some form of consciousness that is non-material. And … I say to my colleagues out there, I know this all sounds absolutely crazy, but if you’ve seen the things that I’ve seen, you would only be able to come to a similar conclusion… I know, again, my reputation takes a hit. I’m sure that there are prizes and other things that I am never going to get because I’m talking about this. Eh. That’s nowhere near as important as the subject matter to me.”

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