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Missing Debris From Shot-Down UFOs Leaves More Questions Than Answers

Photo of a cloud that looks like a UFO

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Three UFOs were shot down and the debris has still not been recovered. This news, combined with a slate of recent press conferences and briefings about the UAPs, has left the public with more questions than answers. 

Debris Has Not Been Collected, But Officials Are Still Saying the Objects Are ‘Benign’

In a live White House press briefing today on February 14, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre briefly discussed the UFOs that were shot down, mentioning that the government will be developing a protocol in the near future for dealing with this. She said they were “considering” the UFOs as “benign,” even though officials have also said that debris has not yet been recovered. 

When pressed by one reporter, she said it currently looks like the three shot-down UFOs could be commercial or research affiliated, but didn’t give any additional details. (While the transcript for the Feb. 14 briefing wasn’t yet posted at the time this story was published, it will be added to the White House’s website at some point soon.)

Debris has not yet been found for any of the three objects that were shot down. On February 13, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby emphasized in a press conference that it would be difficult to recover the debris. 

“Efforts are actively underway right now at all sites, to find what is left of those objects so we can better understand and communicate with the American people what they are,” he said. “I think it’s important to remind: the objects in Alaska and Canada are in pretty remote terrain — ice and wilderness, all of that making it difficult to find them in winter weather. The object over Lake Huron now lies in what is probably very deep water. So we don’t know what this exactly looked like, and we’re still not sure what the purpose of it was or who owned it. But we hope to be able to find out more.”

He emphasized again later that all three fell in “pretty remote, difficult areas to reach.” 

Jean-Pierre said on Monday that there was no indication of alien or extraterrestrial activity, the Guardian reported. However, General Glen VanHerck, commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), said in a briefing on Sunday, February 12, that aliens aren’t yet off the table, Bloomberg reported.

When asked if aliens or extraterrestrials could be connected to the objects, VanHerck said: “I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything at this point.” 

Officials Said The Objects Are Not Likely Connected to Any Country’s Spy Program

Still from a Pentagon UFO video
Still from a Pentagon UFO video from a different incident

National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby had similar statements to make during his own press briefing on February 14, the Guardian reported. He said the leading theory at the moment is that the objects may have some type of commercial or research focus. 

However, not a single research institution has contacted the government to claim any of the objects that were shot down. 

Kirby also said that there is no evidence to connect the objects to any country’s spy program.

“We haven’t seen any indication or anything that points specifically to the idea that these three objects were part of the [People’s Republic of China’s] spying program, or that they were definitively involved in external intelligence collection efforts,” he said. 

In the press briefing, Kirby said the preliminary guesses were being made based on images of the objects, NBC News reported. He floated the balloon theory again, saying they could be “balloons tied to commercial or research entities and therefore totally benign.” 

However, he added that no debris has been found and they’re just making guesses based on pilot observations and flight profile data. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the three objects that were shot down:

  • Alaska: This object was the size of a small car, the Guardian reported. It was smaller and tougher to detect and landed off the coast of Alaska in “difficult terrain” with temperatures in the “minus 40s.” (Gen. Mark Milley via NBC News
  • Canadian Yukon Object: This one was shot down by an F22. It was smaller and tougher to detect (Crenshaw tweet.) It landed in the Canadian Rockies and the Yukon and is “very difficult” to get to. (Gen. Milley via NBC News
  • Lake Huron: This object, shot down near the Canadian border, was octagonal in shape and looked like it might have strings attached, the Guardian reported. It is believed to be the same object originally seen in Montana. Gen. Milley said the first missile missed and landed “harmlessly” in the water. Rep. Crenshaw later tweeted that this one was larger and easier to pick up by radar, more closely resembling a balloon. According to Milley, this one is probably “a couple 100 feet depth” in Lake Huron and will take time to recover. (Gen. Milley via NBC News

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