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‘Lock Your Doors Tonight,’ Senator Advises After Classified UFO Briefing

Photo of a cloud that looks like a UFO

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A classified UFO briefing on the objects that were shot down has left many U.S. senators with more questions than answers. One senator even ended his press statement with the words: “Lock your doors tonight,” and no one is sure what that means. 

Sen. Kennedy Tells Americans to ‘Lock Your Doors Tonight’

The UFO briefing took place on Tuesday, February 14, when U.S. senators were given more details about the objects behind closed doors. 

Sen. John Kennedy said in a press conference after the briefing that the objects have been in our airspace for years, and while we know about some of them, for others we simply “don’t know what they are.” He added that we can’t find the remnants of the ones that were shot down yet, except the spy balloon.

Kennedy added that he’s not sure why we just started shooting them down this past week.

When a reporter asked him what his personal assessment was and if he thought the threat level was low, he said: “The only thing I feel confident about saying now is that if you are confused, you understand the situation perfectly.” 

In answer to other questions, he said: “This has been going for a long time. We know some of the objects, others we think we probably missed, and we don’t know what most of them are… We have unity in confusion… What I took away from the briefing today…is that this has been going on for a long, long, long time. At least 2017. Last week we were told 2019… Lock your doors tonight.” 

He ended his statement with a weird comment: “Lock your doors tonight.”

Everyone’s still debating what that meant. 

Sen. Cotton Said They Didn’t Learn Anything Beyond What You Would Read in the News

Still from a Jeremy Corbell UFO video
UFO still from a Jeremy Corbell UFO video from a previous incident

Sen. Tom Cotton said it was “another classified briefing in which we learned nothing … that one couldn’t learn from reading your newspapers or watching your news channels,” NBC News reported.

He was skeptical, saying the White House’s statements were contradictory by indicating the objects aren’t a threat, but also saying they don’t know what they are. 

“Both of those things can’t be true,” Cotton said. 

Sen. Lee Said He Left With More Questions Than Answers

Sen. Mike Lee also said on Twitter that he left with more questions than answers.

He wrote: “it is unclear as to whether these incidents are a series of extremely significant events being downplayed by the White House, or inconsequential incidents being exaggerated and blown out of proportion.” 

He continued, saying it was “baffling” that the objects were taken down by missiles, but we don’t possess them or “know anything about them.” 

Sen. Rubio Called for Transparency, Saying Scientists Could Figure Out Some of This

Sen. Marco Rubio, who has been pushing for greater UAP disclosure, said in a tweet that this “isn’t about space aliens and isn’t new.” This was said around the same time he also tweeted that he was about to go to a Senate briefing on the objects, so it’s not clear if the second tweet was made before or after the briefing. However, he did say after the briefing that “99%” of what they were told could be shared with the public openly, NBC News reported.

Rubio called on openly sharing details with the public, including scientists. 

“I imagine some of these are going to have explanations that are pretty simplistic, others are going to be more complicated,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Sen. Mark Warner (Senate Intelligence Committee Chair) said after the briefing that the objects “pose no threat to civilian or other population entities,” NBC News reported.

He said this might indicate a “gap” in a formal process for commercial and other institutions to flag their projects with the FAA. 

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw isn’t a Senator so he wasn’t in the briefing, but he also shared some skepticism in a recent tweet, noting that the objects were classified as UAPs. 

On February 14, he wrote: “We still don’t know what these other 3 objects were. We’re calling them unidentified aerial phenomenons (UAPs). We knew exactly what the China spy balloon was, and immediate steps were taken to stop its data from being sent to China.”

He went on to point out that all three objects “moved with wind currents.” As others have said, he also pointed out that they’re tracking more objects now due to “heightened surveillance.” 

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