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Officials Disagree If Octagon-Shaped UFO Shot Down at Lake Huron Might Be ET

UFO photo (Stencil)

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Well, this one’s weird. The latest UFO to be shot down is an octagon-shaped UAP over Lake Huron, after airspace was briefly shut down in Michigan. This comes after a possible spotting in Montana, which followed two UFOs shot down in two days. (The Montana sighting was later believed to be connected to the UFO at Lake Huron.) Meanwhile, unnamed officials are saying this isn’t alien or extraterrestrial-connected, but an official with NORAD disagrees and says it’s too soon to rule that out.

[Note: This story has been updated to reflect the statement from the NORAD commanding officer.]

Here’s what we know about the latest one. 

The New UFO Was Shaped Like an Octagon, a Congressional Source Said

The UFO was shaped like an octagon (Stencil)
The UFO was shaped like an octagon, similar to the shape of a stop sign (Stencil)

Congressional sources told The Wall Street Journal that the latest UFO to be shot down was shaped like an octagon. And while the previous ones were shot down by an F-22, this one was shot down by an F-16, Daily Beast reported.

Rather than the 40,000-foot altitude of the one in Canada and the one in Alaska, this one was at an altitude of 20,000 feet, rendering it a “hazard to commercial aircraft.” 

In other words, this latest one is less like a Tic Tac UFO than the first two. 

It was near the Canadian border, BBC reported.

Apparently, this is believed to be the same object observed in Montana on Saturday night. 

Rep. Jack Bergman referred to the object as being “decommissioned” by U.S. military. 

He said on Twitter, “I’ve been in contact with DOD regarding operations across the Great Lakes region today. The US military has decommissioned another “object” over Lake Huron. I appreciate the decisive action by our fighter pilots. The American people deserve far more answers than we have.”

Officials later said that they believe the object spotted in Montana was the same as the object later shot down over Lake Huron. 

Sen. Schumer Said the Objects Shot Down Were Balloons

Sen. Chuck Schumer has already gone on record saying that intelligence officials told him they believe the second two that were shot down were balloons, ABC News reported. He said they were smaller than the Chinese surveillance balloon and posed a greater threat due to being at an altitude similar to commercial planes. 

He also said that officials didn’t know about these balloons until a few months ago, and indicated that he thinks they might be all part of a Chinese surveillance program. (However, it’s unclear if any debris from the second two objects had been collected yet at the time of his report.) 

BNO News reported that NORAD has been looking at a “wider range of radar data” since the Chinese surveillance balloon, hinting that these have possibly always been in the skies and are just now being noticed. 

Unnamed Officials Say There’s No Evidence of ET Activity, But a NORAD Commanding Officer Disagrees

U.S. officials told the New York Times that there was “no evidence of extraterrestrial activity” in connection with any of the recently downed objects.

BNO News reported on Twitter that the statement was made to the New York Times. However, there were no names attached to the statement, so it’s not clear how trustworthy it is at this point. 

But a commanding officer for NORAD is not on board with ruling out aliens just yet. 

General Glen VanHerck, commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), said in a briefing that aliens aren’t yet off the table, Bloomberg reported

When asked in a briefing on Sunday, February 12, if aliens or extraterrestrials could be connected to the objects shot down, VanHerck said: “I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything at this point.” 

This is in sharp contrast to unnamed congressional officials who said the objects are definitely not of alien origin, or Sen. Schumer, who referred to the objects as balloons. Pentagon officials still insisted in a later press briefing that there was “no indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity.” 

On Twitter, Lue Elizondo indicated that these were balloons.

He referred to this as “the recent shoot downs of balloons” in a tweet, dashing some people’s hopes of alien activity. 

And he said, “this is one of the primary reasons I resigned from the Pentagon in 2017; no one was paying attention.” New legislation (likely the AATIP legislation of late) is helping the U.S. keep a closer eye on things. Maybe now we’ll finally get real-time info on legitimate UFO sightings too? 

On a personal side note, after how closely the original descriptions seemed to resemble Tic Tacs (to a point), I’m hoping if these do prove to be balloons, that this isn’t used to discount all the Nimitz and other UAP sightings from past years. There was always a big difference (the recent ones shot down seemed to be at the whims of the wind, according to pilots, while the others at the Nimitz were able to move at speeds that pilots couldn’t follow.) But hopefully, people won’t get the two confused if it does turn out that these are truly just balloons. 

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