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Triangle-Shaped UFOs Reported in Canada, Including One With ‘Explosions’ of Color

CADORs in Canada has reports of triangle-shaped UFOs. (Canva)

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UFO sightings continue to dominate the news (including a recent high-altitude balloon or UFO that appeared in U.S. skies almost exactly one year after similar objects were shot down.) But the sightings aren’t just in the United States. Canada’s publicly available reporting system has records of sphere-shaped UFOs, and some citizens have also observed triangle-shaped UFOs flying over the country. Most of these were orange, but one had “explosions” of color, and one sighting was reported from two commercial aircraft. 

The reports can be found in an online aviation incident database called CADORS (short for The Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System,) overseen by Transport Canada Civil Aviation. CADORS was launched in 1985 and provides valuable information about aviation incidents, including some labeled anomalous or as UFOs. 

We searched the database from 2010 to present day, looking for sightings that included both the words “UFO” and “triangle” or “triangular.” Four records were found.

An official Canadian database has 4 reports of triangle UFOs, including one seen by two commercial aircraft. #UFO #UAP Share on X

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Triangles With Glowing Orange Centers Traveled Over Ontario

One incident was reported on October 2, 2013 (CADORS #2013O3013.) It occurred over the Ontario region at night and was classified as a “weather balloon, meteor, rocket, CIRVIS/UFO.” 

A member of the public called and reported seeing two UFOs flying below 1,000 feet, moving northwest. They were described as “bright orange balls” that “appeared to be triangles or stars with glowing orange centres that moved very slowly and made no sound.” 

CADORS report about a triangle
CADORS report

Two Commercial Canadian Flights Reported Lights in a Triangle Formation

On January 19, 2024, another report was made (CADORS #2024C0262.) This one occurred at night in the Saskatchewan, Canada, region and was labeled as a “weather balloon, meteor, rocket, CIRVIS/UFO.” 

In this case, two reports were made from passenger flights. One was a Flair Airlines Ltd. 737 Max 8 from Vancouver to Toronto. They reported “seeing multiple lights sometimes in a triangle formation.” The same lights were also reported from an Air Canada Airbus A320-211 traveling from King County, Washington to Winnipeg/James Armstrong Richardson. 

CADORS report
CADORS report

The incident was reported to the Canadian Air Defence. 

A Triangle UFO with ‘Explosions of Colour’ Disappeared in the Sky

On November 15, 2017, another incident was reported (CADORS #2017Q3351.) 

This one occurred in the Quebec region of Canada at night and was also classified as a “weather balloon, meteor, rocket, CIRVIS/UFO.” A person reported seeing a “triangular object in the sky north of Baie-Saint-Paul.” It “emitted beams of light in different colours; red was the most intense.” They reported seeing “explosions of colour near the object.” The object was “stationary in the sky” but was visible for 30 minutes just before sunrise. After this, it disappeared. 

CADORS report
CADORS report

Five Orange Triangle UFOs Flew Over Port Dover

A fourth incident was reported on July 2, 2011 in the Ontario region (CADORS #2011O1725.) What’s unique about this one is that it was reported during the day, according to the report, while the other previous reports listed above were at night. It was in the Port Dover region of Ontario. 

CADORS report
CADORS report

A Port Dover resident called Hamilton Tower at “0305Z” to report five UFOs flying at an altitude of “FL250” and a heading of 330 degrees. They were “accelerating and decelerating very quickly,” in a manner that wasn’t like how aircraft fly. The resident said they were “triangular in shape” and “orange in color” and had “no blinking lights.” 

None of the sightings have yet been explained. 

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