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UFO Spheres in Canada Had ‘Blue Halos’ & ‘Ceased Being Visible in an Instant’ [REPORT]

UFOs are being increasingly reported in Canada. (Canva)

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While UAP sightings in the United States have dominated news recently, UFOs aren’t just seen in the U.S. In fact, they are a worldwide phenomenon, with some of the most significant encounters occurring in other countries. Canada has a publicly available reporting system that includes anomalous flight activity. In recent years, several reports have been made about spherical UFOs, including some that disappeared instantly or had blue halos around them. 

The reports can be found in an online aviation incident database called CADORS (short for The Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System.) CADORS is overseen by Canada’s federal transportation department, Transport Canada Civil Aviation. CADORS was launched back in 1985 and provides valuable information about aviation incidences. Some of these are labeled anomalous or even UFOs and can provide a wealth of useful information about recent and historical sightings. 

We searched the database from 2010 to present day, looking for sightings that included both the words “UFO” and “sphere.” Two records were found, but we also located additional records based on alternative searches. 

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Five Amber Spheres with Blue Halos Were Reported Passing Over a Home

The first incident we found happened on August 28, 2023, at night. It was labeled CADORS 2023Q3555. A citizen in the Quebec region reported seeing five UFOs that passed over her house in “one-minute intervals.” She described the UFOs as spheres that “looked like big, amber-coloured oranges with blue halos.” They were west of her house and seen moving south. 

CADORS event
CADORS event

The occurrence was classified as a “weather balloon, meteor, rocket, CIRVIS/UFO.”  

A preliminary search for events happening on that day in Quebec didn’t bring up anything specific. The most similar event in the news occurred in Hawaii in December 2020, when multiple people reported a blue-colored UFO flying over Oahu and eventually disappearing into the water, Hawaii News Now reported

Interestingly, that same month in December 2020, Elginfield Observatory reported a bright light moving across the sky around 12 p.m. that looked like a fireball. A loud boom was later heard. American Meteor Society said there were 64 reports of a fireball in that region. 

Semi-Transparent Spheres Disappeared ‘in an Instant’ in May 2023

Another incident was reported on May 31, 2023, for CADORS number 2023O1754. This incident occurred at night in the vicinity of London, Ontario. The occurrence event was labeled only as “weather – clear air turblulence (CAT)/turbulence.”

A member of the public who was at Elginfield Observatory reported a UFO that looked like a “string of overlapping semi-transparent spheres traveling south at a high altitude, then ceased being visible in an instant.” 

CADORS report
CADORS report

A Floating Yellow Light Was Seen in 2021

Perhaps less dramatic, but still interesting, was an incident that occurred on May 31, 2021, at night in the Ontario region of Canada, via CADORS 2021O0630. An individual reported a UFO above their house that looked like a “floating yellow light with 3 sets of lights.” Nothing was reported on the radar and the individual was told to call the police. 

CADORS report
CADORS report

Pilots Have Reported Strange Encounters in Canadian Skies

It’s not just citizens reporting strange UFO encounters. CTV News reported that in 2023 alone, CADORS had 17 reports of strange UFO encounters from pilots. 

On February 12, 2023, three different Quebec flights reported strange lights above their flight paths, moving irregularly. One crew member described it as “a bit weird,” with more than one that looked like they were “sort of circling.” The next day, an Air Tindi flight reported a “rotating light” at 30,000 feet over Alberta. On January 29, a similar sighting was reported near Yellowknife and reported to NORAD. 

A crew member said, “We’re looking at two lights dancing around here, to the east of your field… We’re not crazy.” 

CTV reported that the most recent reports from pilots or air crew in 2023 were within an hour of each other near the Toronto region. 

CTV noted that while some sightings have prosaic explanations, like SpaceX satellites, laser interference, or drones, not all are explained. However, sightings might be labeled as “laser interference” if they involve a “directed bright light source,” so there’s a chance that some of those are mislabeled, CTV reported. 

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