The Top 10 Post Apocalyptic Games at E3 2016

a man with a hammer tied to a chainsaw awaits a horde of zombies

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With E3 2016 ending just a few days ago (June 14-16), I’m listing the top post-apocalyptic games and news from the conference. Below you’ll find #6-10. To see the top 5, click here.

NOTE: The post-apocalyptic genre is about the setting – and we’ve all got different tastes. That is why I’m defining it pretty broadly this time around. If it’s about the end of the world, survival, dystopia, zombies, or the genocide of the human race, then I considered it for the list.

6. Dead Rising 4

a man with a camera and baseball bat walks among zombies

Cmon, who doesn’t want to take a selfie with a zombie? This series has always combined a little levity with the zombie apocalypse – and that’s why fans love it.

PA CATEGORY: Zombie Apocalypse

CONSOLE(S): Xbox One & PC (but may add PS4 once exclusivity lapses.)

RELEASE DATE: December 6, 2017

DEVELOPER: Capcom Vancouver

PUBLISHER: Microsoft Studios



7. Fallout Shelter (Update)

fallout shelter update super duper mart

Fallout Shelter is getting lots of attention. The changes seem more than just updates, they are revolutionizing gameplay. Sending out dwellers is now more than just reading what happened. You can send them on groups in quests. You can play on PC now. Things are changing.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time with my copy of Fallout Shelter, and apparently more than 50 million people have as well. This started as something of a pet project for Bethesda, but it has grown into one of their most popular games. I’m looking forward to trying out the new game mechanics because, to be honest, I rage-quit Survival Mode a few weeks ago when roaches killed half my vault and I haven’t touched it since.

PA CATEGORY: Post-Nuclear Apocalypse

CONSOLE(S): iOS, Android, PC


DEVELOPER: Bethesda Game Studios

PUBLISHER: Bethesda Softworks


8. Overland

overland game

Overland appears to be more strategic than skill based, and I like that. The game developer’s description make this sound really fun, so here’s an excerpt:

Overland is squad-based survival strategy game with procedurally generated levels set in post-apocalyptic North America. Every random level is full of close calls and hard choices, even though the interface is approachable and easy to learn. Manage fuel supplies, weapons, and other items by making the right choices on the procedural roadmaps. A road trip straight into the heart of the cataclysmic event that changed the Earth forever. 

In Overland, players guide an evolving cast of survivors on a road trip through a ruined continent. To survive the trip, players scavenge for fuel, weapons, and other supplies to help them keep moving and protect themselves from the strange, sound-sensitive creatures roaming the remains of North America. “

PA CATEGORY: Cataclysmic Event (undisclosed)


RELEASE DATE: June 19,2016





9. Gears of War 4

a monster tries to kill some men

We’re brand-loyal to Gears of War, and for good reason. The story and the art represent some of the best you’ll find in the post-apocalyptic genre. The gameplay, starting with the first, has been revolutionary and creative – even if it can sometimes be redundant. We’re really excited about the fourth installment in this epic franchise.

PA CATEGORY: Alien Invasion (in which the “aliens” are from under the ground rather than outer space)

CONSOLE(S): Xbox One & PC

RELEASE DATE: October, 11 2016

DEVELOPER: The Coalition

PUBLISHER: Microsoft Studios



10. Fallout 4 VR


As a Fallout enthusiast since the very first game, it’s hard to describe just how much this means to me. To immerse myself into the world of Fallout is like a dream come true. The RPG elements of Bethesda’s Fallout plus the graphic superiority makes for a deadly cocktail of awesome. I really hope this is more than a gimmick, (and I hope the cost of VR comes down) because I’d trade my firstborn son to play through a Fallout game in VR.

PA CATEGORY: Post-Nuclear Apocalypse




PUBLISHER: Microsoft Studios

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Now that you’ve seen #6-10, click here to see the top 5click here to see #11-15 or click here for #16-20.

We’ll be listing the top 20 post-apocalyptic game announcements over the next few days, and there’s still some really good ones left on this list.  E3 2016 gave us news about Halo Wars, Attack on Titan, The Division, The Walking Dead by Telltale Games and more. So check back soon, and don’t forget to sign up for email updates!

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