The 20 Best Post Apocalyptic Game Announcements From E3 2016

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We’re listing the top post-apocalyptic games and news from the E3 conference in 2016. Below you’ll find #16-20. If you want to start at the top of the list with #1, click here.

NOTE: The post-apocalyptic genre is about the setting – and we’ve all got different tastes. That is why I’m defining it pretty broadly this time around. If it’s about the end of the world, survival, dystopia, zombies, or the genocide of the human race, then I considered it for the list.

16. ReCore

a woman in a wasteland with several robot allies

Engadget calls this a mashup between Mega Man and Metroid. It looks pretty well polished, and their marketing push is strong. It will be interesting to see how gamers react to the story and the gameplay mechanics.

PA CATEGORY: Exodus from earth, planetary colonization for species survival.

CONSOLE(S): PC, Xbox One

RELEASE DATE: September 13, 2016

DEVELOPER: Comcept and Armature Studios

PUBLISHER: Microsoft Studios



17. The Surge

a man stands in a destroyed urban landscape

The developers are pretty tight-lipped about the Surge’s setting except to say that it is post-apocalyptic. Well have to take their word for it. I like the graphics and one cool gameplay mechanic is the ability to take gear from your opponents.

PA CATEGORY: Dystopian

CONSOLE(S): PS4, Xbox One, PC


DEVELOPER: Deck 13 Interactive

PUBLISHER: Focus Home Interactive



18. The Division DLC: Underground

three figures stand in a destroyed tunnel

The Division Underground DLC is designed to be endlessly replayable. This is accomplished through procedurally generated levels. Also, four new gears sets will be available. PC and Xbox will get this DLC one more than a month before PS4 does.

PA CATEGORY: Viral Outbreak

CONSOLE(S): PC, PS4, Xbox One

RELEASE DATE: 2016. June 28 for PC and Xbox One, August 2 for PS4

DEVELOPER: Ubisoft Massive




19. The Division DLC: Survival

a man in survival gear stands in an urban landscape

Not a lot is known about the Survival DLC at this moment, but rumor has it that it will ratchet up the scarcity and importance of food and water. One Ubisoft rep indicated that it will introduce an entirely new way to play the game. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more news as it comes out.

PA CATEGORY: Viral Outbreak

CONSOLE(S): PC, PS4, Xbox One

RELEASE DATE: September 2016

DEVELOPER: Ubisoft Massive



20. ARK: Survival Evolved

a woman rides a dinosaur holding a rifle while a man rides a giant cat

Ok, so we don’t really know if this is post apocalyptic. It’s a barren land full of dinosaurs for pete’s sake. But the back story is a mystery, and survival is at the core of gameplay, so we’re including it here. I’m really looking forward to the full release of this game.

PA CATEGORY: Survival Sim

CONSOLE(S): Mac, PC, Xbox One, PS4


DEVELOPER: Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Effecto Studios, and Virtual Basement

PUBLISHER: Studio Wildcard

Trailer (2015)

New Trailer (2016)

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