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Where is The Walking Dead’s Next Episode? Season 11 Episode 9 Coming Back in February

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We’ve been having a great time with The Walking Dead’s final season here at the site. Between our weekly episode write-ups to our dedicated podcasts for each episode, you could say that we’re enjoying Season 11 so far. But it’s not over yet!

With Episode 8 in the books, you may be looking at your AMC channel with puppy-dog eyes on Sunday night when you realize that there’s no new episode. So where is Episode 9?!

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When Season 11 began, the show’s creators announced that they’d be splitting the season up into three equal 8-episode chunks. This is something they’ve done before, so it’s not a huge surprise, but it’s still not fun to wait so long to finish the whole season.

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The first chunk, which began on August 22 of this year, just ended with the cliff-hanger episode 8 on October 10. But the next time we’ll see our favorite zombie killers won’t be until February 20, 2022 at 9 p.m. Eastern on AMC. If you’re in the UK, the episodes will be shown on Disney Plus.

Now the caveat here is that you actually have the opportunity to watch every episode a week early. If you want to dish out the extra $8.99 for AMC Plus, you can get every episode a full seven days earlier than everyone else, which includes that 9th episode. That would put that premiere right at February 13.

So that second chunk of eight episodes will run from February 20, 2022 until April 10, 2022. That puts the third chunk of eight episodes right at the end of the year, but an official date has not been announced for those just yet.

If you’re looking for something to do to fill the next few months, check out our extensive Season 11 coverage guide below.


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And if you’re still looking for more TWD to fill the void, both World Beyond and Fear the Walking Dead are back this month with new seasons.

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