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The Walking Dead’s Scott Gimple Reveals the Future of the Franchise

TWD Future

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The Walking Dead franchise head Scott M. Gimple spoke candidly about the future of the property in a recent issue of TV Guide’s The Walking Dead Universe Collector’s Edition, including tidbits on the Rick Grimes movies, the spinoffs, and when that final episode of TWD’s Season 11 will drop.

The issue, currently available at and newsstands nationwide, shows that Gimple certainly has his hands full after the pandemic put a hold on things in 2020. Between managing the three concurrent TWD shows (The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and World Beyond), Gimple says that he prides himself on helping each showrunner show their own unique voice. “I didn’t have that as much [while running TWD], and I like being there for them,” he said.

So what news can Gimple share about the future of the franchise? Let’s take a look:

– First off, we know that the final season of TWD will be released in three chunks, and that finale release is all planned out, but Gimple isn’t spilling the beans on an exact date just yet.

– The CRM (Civic Republic Military) is the group that not only took Rick away on a helicopter, but also a group of survivors on Fear the Walking Dead. Gimple says that, while the CRM is a major players in all the shows right now, the event on Fear “isn’t to facilitate some deep-cut CRM story.” This is surprising!

– While the Daryl/Carol spinoff and the anthology series (Tales of the Walking Dead) are both currently in development, Gimple says that “some dark horse candidates from other things […] might jump ahead” of the production schedule.

– The undead are undoubtedly getting old after 11 seasons of the main show, so how do the writers plan to keep things fresh, so to speak? “In World Beyond, there is a science aspect to the next season that gets into walker behavior and people who are studying them in precise ways,” Gimple said. “We have straight-up nuclear walkers [on Fear], and there’s some pretty crazy things on Walking Dead coming up.”


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