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The Walking Dead Producer Teases Season 11 Finale Will Go Out “With a Bang”

The Walking Dead's Daryl

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We have less than a week before The Walking Dead returns for its 11th and final season on AMC+ streaming and executive producer Denise Huth is teasing one heck of a finale.

“We’ll go out with a bang. Nothing lasts forever,” Huth said during a TWDUniverse Twitch stream. “It’s a cool story, and I’m so proud, and I’m so grateful that we’ve been able to tell it as fully as we’ve been allowed to do, and that’s one hundred percent a credit to the fans. If fans don’t show up, the show doesn’t go on.”

The final season will consist of 24 episodes released in three 8-episode chunks. With last month’s Season 11 teaser trailer, we got to see a major focus on Maggie’s story as she remains one of the few remaining from the early days of the show (Daryl and Carol being the true OGs, of course).

But Huth has been there from the early stages of the show’s adaptation from the comic book series under both Frank Darabont and writer-turned-showrunner Angela Kang when she took over at Season 9.

“We were very, very fortunate right from the beginning that it was lightning in a bottle — with the characters, and the story, and the audience. It all came together,” Huth said. “11 years later, 11 seasons later, to be here is an honor. This is a pretty rare era for television. It’ll probably never happen again in the world of streaming, which wasn’t much of a thing when we started. I’m proud.”

Long-time fans of the show are using the comment section of that Season 11 trailer on YouTube to reminisce about how important The Walking Dead has been in their lives.

“Crazy this show started when I was in 2nd grade and the theme song used to scare me, now I’m a freshman in college and it is coming to an end,” one commenter stated.

And one commenter summed up our feelings when we hear that brief yelp as Daryl yells “Nooo!” in the trailer: “If Dog dies, we riot.”

The Walking Dead’s final season premieres on August 22nd on AMC or a week early, on August 15th, for those who subscribe to the AMC+ streaming service.


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