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The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 Episode 6 Is Missing for Some Viewers

Where is TWD World Beyond on AMC+?

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If you’re used to watching The Walking Dead: World Beyond before it releases on TV each week, then you might be out of luck right now. Quite a few viewers have noted that Season 2 Episode 6 is missing on AMC’s streaming platform, AMC+. The problem is particularly likely to show up for people accessing AMC Plus via Apple TV.

The Issue Is Most Prevalent for People Using Apple TV

For many people accessing The Walking Dead: World Beyond on AMC+, Episode 5 is available but Episode 6 hasn’t appeared yet. If you’re using Apple TV for your AMC Plus streaming subscription, then you’re more likely to be encountering this error. Users have noted that when trying to access the episode using their desktop version of Apple TV, the episode doesn’t appear at all.

You might be able to workaround this by accessing the episode through your Apple TV app on your phone or tablet instead of through your computer. But many people have noted that when they try to do this, although the episode appears for them, they aren’t given an option of actually watching it in Apple TV (which they’re subscribed to.) Instead, they see a screen like the one below.

Apple TV

They can see the episode, which is titled “Who Are You” and releases on TV on November 7. But instead of being able to play it, they’re directed to open the episode Amazon Prime, where they would have to pay extra money to watch it.

On Reddit, quite a few people noted having this exact problem where they either couldn’t see the episode at all or they were only given the option of purchasing it in Prime Video.

Not seeing Ep6 on AMC App/Apple TV from TWDWorldBeyond

Some users said that if they were subscribed to AMC Plus through Amazon Prime video, then they could watch the episode. But they couldn’t watch it through Apple TV.

AMC Has Said They Are Working on the Issue, Viewers Said

On Reddit, user u/SpenceMan01 shared that at first, AMC+ support had no idea what the issue was and directed them to try various workarounds. However, it appeared that a setting was wrong and the episode is only enabled on Apple TV to redirect to Amazon Prime.

They wrote on Tuesday, November 2: “They sent me a follow up saying that their tech folks are working with Apple to correct the issue. ETA on a fix is tomorrow night (maybe/hopefully sooner). So they are aware of the issue and recognize that it’s on their end.” Unfortunately, as of November 3, the episode still isn’t working.

Redditor u/Wait–WhatThe also contacted AMC+ customer support. They wrote, “They said their database team is working on the issue and it should be resolved in a couple days. That was On Monday the 1st. They said if it’s still not resolved by the 3rd; to contact them again.”

One person did say that they were able to access the episode through Apple TV on their Xbox. Another viewer with a PS5 couldn’t get it to work, even after deleting the app and downloading it again.

At this time, it appears that the only workaround is to subscribe to AMC+ a different way than through Apple TV, such as through Amazon Prime instead. However, some users have shared that they previously had issues accessing other episodes through Amazon, so this isn’t a surefire fix for all future episodes. Or, if you have an Xbox, you can try accessing your account through that device and see if it works there.

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