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‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Quatervois

TWD World Beyond Season 2 Episode 5 (AMC)

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 Episode 5, “Quatervois,” was a high-quality episode that revealed new information about the CRM, along with having a surprise appearance in a post-credits scene. It looks like the storyline is really starting to ramp up and fans are in for a treat in the coming weeks. Just as the meaning of the title “Quatervois” indicates, the characters are at a crucial, life-changing junction. But will they make the right decision?

If you don’t want to see spoilers, then just stop reading at this point. I highly encourage you to watch this episode. It was really good and, in my opinion, this season is actually better than Fear the Walking Dead’s season so far.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2, Episode 4: Quatervois. This is a review from the early showing on AMC+. The episode releases on TV on October 31.

The CRM’s Mission Is Becoming Very Dark

In this episode, fans received a lot more information about the CRM (especially if you took the time to read the newspaper articles in Huck’s scenes.) Perhaps the most chilling part of the episode, however, was near the end. Leopold Bennett’s girlfriend has been shown before performing experiments to learn how to slow down zombie decay. But in this episode we learned that they sometimes take healthy test subjects and use them in the experiments, rather than experimenting on people who are already “empties.” In fact, now they’re using CRM soldiers — their own allies — in these experiments. (On Reddit, one person said the person being tested on was Barca, a soldier from Season 1.) It shouldn’t be a huge surprise, considering that we already know they killed their own allied communities. But now we know that they’re experimenting on their own people too.

The CRM newspaper revealed a little more, noting that we’re at the 10-year moment when a transfer of power should be happening and the civilian government will be taking over. However, I’m going to bet that will not happen. There’s already rumblings in the newspaper that it might not happen, and it seems like the collapse of Omaha and other communities might be used to justify keeping the military in control longer.

The Group’s Plan Wasn’t the Best

As we discussed in last week’s episode, neither Hope’s nor Iris’s plan was good. There’s no easy choice right now on how to proceed. There’s no surefire way to make things work out. But this new plan they concocted seemed like a really bad decision. Iris, Felix, and Percy are pretending to be captured so they can be allowed into the facility where Hope and her dad are living. Then Silas is going to steal a truck, drive nonchalantly up to the hazardous waste entrance, and they’re all going to escape into the truck the day after they arrived. And then they’re going to somehow drive away and get to Portland in time to warn everyone without being caught.

This was such an awful plan I can’t believe that everyone just went along with it. The smart move, if they really believed Portland was in danger, would be to send Percy, Iris, and Felix off to warn them. They should take any vehicle they can get their hands on (NOT a CRM vehicle) or even just take off on some horses that clearly are available to them. Then they can travel to Portland without having CRM hot on their trail. But instead, they’re going to escape the facility and steal a truck — alerting CRM — and then try to make it to Portland without getting caught.

I mean, we know how seriously CRM takes its security. There’s simply no way they wouldn’t be keeping a close eye on Iris, Felix, and Percy for weeks if not longer. It was a bad idea and, of course, it looks like it won’t be working out. The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Silas being caught.

Don’t Miss That Post-Credits Scene

Don’t forget to watch through the credits (and the preview) so you can see the post-credits scene. Jadis is back! Her undercover mission is over and now she’s being given control of the research facility. Considering how ruthless she was undercover, I can’t imagine this is going to be good. But we might get some tantalizing details about what happened with Rick. Timeline wise, I’m pretty sure this is taking place after Rick was secreted away by the CRM.

All in all, this was a GREAT episode, even if I didn’t agree with all the characters’ decisions or plans. I’m enjoying this current season of World Beyond even more than the current season of Fear the Walking Dead.

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