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Where Is The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 25?

The Walking dead season 11 episode 25

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Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead left us with quite a few surprises; many deaths (too many deaths) and a small glimpse of Rick and Michonne. That was one packed, 90 minute episode, and if you are looking for the next one… you’re going to be very disappointed.

Episode 24 of The Walking Dead was The Series’ Finale

Unfortunately, this was The Walking Dead’s final episode. Like, final, final. Not only the season’s finale, but the entire series’ as well. After more than a decade of being on our screens, what started with Rick waking up in the hospital ended in bloodshed, enemies turned allies, and allies turned… not such good people after all. But that wasn’t surprising as that type of situation happened many times over the course of the many seasons of TWD. 

The series’ finale left us with quite a few surprises, including an appearance from Rick and Michonne, which made a lot of fans very happy. We all hoped to see an appearance from the two this year, and even if short, we got it!

It’s not REALLY the end

Even though The Walking Dead has ended, we’ll still see many of the main characters on screen. So many spin offs are going to air, and every single The Walking Dead fan are excited. Here’s some of what AMC’s got in store for us:

The Walking dead season 11 episode 25

(Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t seen the season finale, the following may contain spoilers you’ve been wanting to avoid.)

Rick and Michonne

As we witnessed in the final episode, Rick and Michonne are still alive, even if apart from each other. They will appear in an untitled spin off to this date. As per The Walking Dead Fandom, Rick and Michonne’s Spin-off is going to be a post-apocalyptic love story and takes the place of the three films that were supposed to be made on Rick’s whereabouts following his departure in “What Comes After,” but those plans were cancelled. Which isn’t all that bad considering we’re getting a whole new series instead. According to writer Julian Cannon after interviewing Scott Gimple, TWD writer, the series will begin filming in January 2023.

Daryl Dixon

It comes to no surprise that Daryl not only survived the last attacks in the finale, as he is one of the show’s fan favourite. He is also one of the rare who appeared in season one and lasted the whole series long. So it is only natural that he gets his own spin-off, too! Simply titled Daryl Dixon, the series will be about our main character somehow ending up in France. Norman Reedus, who plays Dixon, said in a People’s interview “We’re in castles and there’s moats and everyone’s speaking French. [Daryl’s] trying to figure out what they’re saying, and is this going to be a fight?” This one is going to be very interesting. One: why and how did he end up in France of all places? And Two: will he learn enough French that we’ll hear him speak it fluently by the end of season 1? Yay! A new skill unlocked for Daryl! As if he wasn’t cool enough to start with…

Daryl Dixon
Credit: AMC

Negan and Maggie

Negan and Maggie’s history on the show was absolutely nerve wracking. From the killing of Glenn to the pair teaming up, it’s been quite the roller coaster. And it will continue in a spin-off called Dead City, planned to premiere in April 2023. The series was once known as Isle of the Dead, built the name changed through its writing. The news that we would be seeing the stars in the Walkers universe sooner rather than later was confirmed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan during a panel at the New York Comic-Con. This made the fans quite delighted to hear the news. It’s great to know that only a few months separates us from this series, too! What will the pair go through in this new one? Anything can happen. But one thing most people ask though… Don’t make this a romantic one, please! Could you imagine how awkward that would turn out to be?

The Walking Dead Maggie Negan
Credit: AMC

Did you enjoy the finale of The Walking Dead? Was there something missing for you or was this a good note to end on? Let us know!

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